10 Positive Statements That Will Boost Anyone’s Ego

Would it kill you to be a little more friendly?

I date pretty often. Over the years I’ve developed a way of carrying myself that I think men find impressive. It didn’t happen overnight but overtime and it surely wasn’t an accident.

Single people get so caught up in “being themselves” thinking that the way they are now is how they should be forever.Here’s a thought, just because you try a little harder or make a little more effort doesn’t mean you’re being less than genuine. I hear frustrated singles say that my advice is too difficult. Like a whiny pimple faced kid in an after school special, once I make a suggestion or two the response is, “Why can’t I just be myself?”

Well to put it simply, because no one likes you.

I’m not saying that people hate you but up until now you haven’t found anyone who liked you enough to date you continually and vice versa, that’s not what you want in dating. You want to be liked and to achieve that you must find a way to stand out with the people you’ve been dating.

As I’ve said in previous posts, standing out and setting yourself apart is the key to dating. When you can seem to offer something that no one else can, you’re a winner.

When you run the same race with everyone else who knows where you’ll finish. Sometimes first, sometimes third, or sometimes dead last.

To avoid this, I want you to picture yourself as the joy fairy, the one person in world who is actually a pleasure to be around. The kind of person who just emits pleasure and good vibes where ever they go and it all starts with your words.

Words are very powerful. When you can get into someone’s head you will instantly reach their heart. It is said that women fall in love between their ears but life has taught me that men are just as susceptible to a kind word, even more so when it comes from gorgeous lips, and a beautiful face.

Back to the part where you wanted to be “yourself”, here’s the thing; people are selfish. I wish I could encourage more single people to ‘Stay gold, Ponyboy‘ but the average person thinks of themselves. Everything is me, me, me and you just can’t date that way.

When you aspire to make others happy, you will find happiness. People will want to do things for you and treat you kindly. If you want to inspire generosity, good will and affection use the following phrases as often as possible. Before you chime in with your point, if you want to change the subject, whether you agree or not, it’s important that you acknowledge what the other person has said These affirmations will make you seem like a good listener and a positive person. I guarantee that you will see results.

The 10 Positive Statements That Will Boost Anyone’s Ego Are:

  1. You’re absolutely right!
  2. I never thought of it that way
  3. I completely agree
  4. That’s a great point
  5. What you said is so true
  6. That’s an amazing perspective
  7. Wow, that makes total sense
  8. I agree 100%
  9. More people should think that way
  10. I couldn’t agree more

The next time you’re having a conversation with your boss, co-worker, stranger, spouse or friend try to interject these positive phrases.

You will notice that they will be impressed and begin to speak more openly, you will also find they will be much more pleasant to be around. If it works well with people you don’t care about, imagine the impact it will have on people who you do.

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