How To Stop Being The Right Woman For The Wrong Man

How To Overcome Insecurity, Anxiety And Other Unwanted Emotions

Feeling insecure does not mean that you lack confidence.

No matter who you are, there comes a point in your life where you’re unsure if the person that you’re dating feels the way that you do. You know that point in your relationship where you go from feeling like you know this person likes you to wondering how long that will last?

It’s funny that the less we know about a person the more we’re certain they’re into us but as we begin to invest emotion into our relationship that level of security wanes.

No matter who you are, insecurity is bound to play a role in your dating life. You can’t help but wonder:

  • Does this person like me as much as they say they do?
  • Are they as invested as I am?
  • Can I trust what they tell me?
  • Will they leave me for someone else?

Its hypothetical questions like these that stir feelings of insecurity and doubt.

I want you to know that you are not alone. I know that sounds so Dr. Phil and unlike me but its natural for you to be insecure and I feel the same way. What you have to do is avoid becoming a victim of your emotions. What we feel can be a product of our perception and not what actually is.

When you can put dating into proper perspective, apply reason and exercise common sense feeling secure is easier to conquer than you think.

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