How To Be The Type Of Man Every Woman Wants To Date

In the dating world, men and women are always trying to figure out what the other one wants. It seems like we have no idea but the [dating] truth is men and women want the same thing. Clutch the pearls!

I know it’s a crazy concept but can you imagine that in all fairness, this is true. When it comes to love, what is good for the goose is truly good for the gander. And before you laugh at my old school saying it was once an Eden’s Crush song so there, Google that!

But seriously, the mystery of what men and women want isn’t so much a mystery as it is just downright denial. To give someone what they want takes accountability. Something many people just aren’t good at.

It’s one thing to know what someone wants but it’s quite another to actually be it.

When you know what someone else wants its stands as a reminder that you’re unable to give it to them. The fear in all of us is essentially rejection. Despite our self-confidence many people can’t help but wonder if they’re good enough for the person that they want to date.

It’s better to believe that you don’t know what this person wants than to know and be assured that you aren’t it. To throw your hands up in frustration seems like an easy out but if you want the person you want you’re going to have to do more.

So what do men want? What do women want?

It’s easy to understand but I should warn you, reading this means that you can no longer claim ignorance. Reading further means that you’re taking on the responsibility that comes with this knowledge.

It’s the simple instruction that love requires but I’ll warn you it’s easier said than done. Also, it works better on some people than on others. Kind of like MAC’s glam collection.

Once you know, there is no turning back so be prepared before you read on. I can only warn you that if you can’t hold yourself responsible for the following, it’s to your detriment. I’m not saying you won’t find love but you won’t find genuine happiness. One without the other is a downright shame.

There may not be a perfect person but there is a perfect combination of traits that make someone an ideal partner. This person is:

  • Reliable
  • Thoughtful
  • Caring
  • Supportive
  • Tough
  • Mature
  • A Leader

I’ll let you in on a little secret, you don’t have to dominate in each characteristic but it must be inside you. You must feel equipped to yield one or all in the relationship.

6 thoughts on “How To Be The Type Of Man Every Woman Wants To Date

    1. You’re welcome, but I’m sure you’re being sarcastic. I’ll be writing more indepth on each character trait this week. Though the posts will be longer they might not necessarily be as insightful as you’re hoping for but your feedback will let me know if I’m at least heading in the right direction. Thanks for reading.

  1. Miss Solomon,

    I agree with all the characteristics, except ‘tough’. It can be important, but I don’t think it would make or break a deal with regards to finding genuine happiness. I would love to read your thoughts when you write on it in more depth.

    It’s not necessarily the ‘what’ you do, but the qualities one must have that drives those things that we look for. Our actions are an extension of what we think, feel and value. This is vital to any person looking to begin developing a life with someone else.

    I think you’re heading in the right direction. Great post, thanks 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading and for your comment. I think by tough I mean someone with conviction. Though there are other ways to explain it, when I think of tough, difficult, hard etc I think of someone who isn’t a pushover. Someone who stands up for what they believe. Not necesarily macho or unkind. Not someone who is hard to please. By tough I mean strong emotionally but there are multiple ways to describe that.

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