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How To Pick The Right Person For You

We are all capable of recognizing a potential date when we meet them. Regardless of how many men or women you meet, it’s no guarantee that you will find love.

What most singles don’t realize is that failure in dating comes from lack of goals, not effort.

If you really knew what you wanted out of dating you would stop the behaviors that didn’t get you the results.

If you took a road once that was a dead-end, you would never drive on it again.

If you don’t know what you want out of your love life you will continue to be unsuccessful at dating. You will meet other singles just like you who don’t know what they want either and you will waste each others’ time, energy, and money.

The great news is, and I always have some, you don’t have to be elaborate about what your goals are. For example, for a very long time I told myself that I wanted to date a great guy.

To me a great guy was a guy that was good-looking, honest, kind, positive, financially stable, and generous.

I had dated men like this in the past, and although things didn’t work out I enjoyed myself enough to make it a goal of mine to meet a guy like this again.

(The reason I give dating advice is because I have dated several great men and I know that they exist.)

So let’s say that as you read this article your new dating goal is to date someone who makes you feel good about yourself.

The first thing you would do, I would hope, is to avoid any person who made you feel bad. Whether it was their sense of humor, their inconsiderate behavior, their inconsistency or general lack of respect, the moment you felt bad, you would move on.

If you put up with poor conduct or treatment from the person you’re dating it isn’t because they give you what you want, it’s because you don’t want to be alone. And that is all. Unfortunately, being lonely in a relationship is worst than just being by your damn self.

If your relationship goal were to date someone who was head over heels about you that anxiously awaited your phone calls and texts then the moment you met someone who seemed ambivalent about your courtship, you would bounce.

There would be no more begging anyone to date you.

Think about the countless bad dating behaviors that would end if you set a goal for yourself and stuck too it. Because you will get what you want once you know what it is and that goes for any aspect of your life. If you want a sexy partner that loves and supports you or laughs at your jokes when they’re not funny then commit to that goal.

Write down on paper exactly the type of person you want to date. Not in a list way i.e. tall, dark, handsome with a good job but a goal for the type of partner you want to have.

I want a man or woman who gets along with all of my friends and makes me feel like a million trillion bucks times infinite.

Trust me, you will get whatever you ask for.


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