10 Things I Learned About Tinder You Should Know

A few years ago, I was quoted as saying online dating isn’t for black people. It’s 2016 and although I like the app, unfortunately, Tinder did not prove me wrong. As a dating expert, and somewhat attractive woman, I’ve seen the evolution of the dating app for single straight people. Before trying it, I had been hearing about the app Tinder for quite sometime. Like the lackluster “Grindr for straight people”, app before it Blendr, I expected Tinder to go the way of the Dodo before I ever made my way to the apps store for download.

To my surprise, as time went on, and more people began to utilize its functions I became curious about its effectiveness. I gave it a try and I’ve come to like it. In the last eight years of my adulthood, I have had no problems meeting attractive, employed, and single men in person. In fact, as a dating expert a lot of my advice teaches how to do just that. There’s a certain amount of charm that a woman just can’t convey through a picture.

So ideally if a single woman, such as myself wanted to meet a nice man, the streets are the place to go. In the age we live in today, if it’s easier and we can be lazy then that’s the option most people take. Why actually get dressed and go to a bar when you have Tinder? Why bother to send a woman a drink or use a witty pickup line, when you have Tinder?

It’s always been my belief that communicating online only perpetuates our fears of rejection and enables are insecurities of talking to strangers. That being said, if Tinder was going to be as good as Grindr, I needed to see for myself. Now as any person with a gay friend knows, Grindr is used for sex. (most of the time). If its bastard cousin Tinder were going to make it in the straight world, it would have to offer one thing: hot pictures of hot guys.

At least that’s what I was expecting but this is what I found:

  1. It’s either really good or really bad depending on your city.
  2. Tinder is not for black people
  3. I live in one of the whitest cities in America
  4. No one should own that many Polo shirts
  5. Men have no idea what women find sexy
  6. I’m not ashamed to admit Tinder is complicated
  7. I secretly enjoy the NOPE that flashes across rejected matches.
  8. Some of the guys on Tinder, I know for a fact have girlfriends
  9. I’m pretty cute
  10. I would rather meet men in person because who you gonna believe an app, or your own eyes?

I’m not going to lie, as of the *original publication of this article, I’ve only been on Tinder for a total of 48 hours and by all accounts, mostly other people’s opinions, it’s a really cool app that might encourage singles to go on actual dates.

It can also prevent you from the possible catfish. But some reports are saying it’s an app used primarily for sex, and if that’s the case it’s no Grindr. Don’t struggle with online dating.

2 thoughts on “10 Things I Learned About Tinder You Should Know

  1. Tinder is not for black people. That sucks, download, I’m not even 100% black.. smh.. oh well

  2. Tinder is definitely not the random sexy free-for-all so many people think. It’s smart. It’s mysterious. And how you use it will most definitely affect your success.

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