How To Conquer Your Fear Of Approaching Men

I was so lucky to be a guest on the Single In Stilettos show hosted by matchmaker and relationship expert Suzanne Oshima.

Below I give my tips on how to conquer your fear of talking to men. Below is a repost, read the original here… 

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Do you ever become completely tongue tied and nervous you’re going to say the wrong thing around a good looking man? Well, you’re not alone…because when you find someone attractive, then it can make you second guess everything you say or do around him.

Here’s how conquer your fear of talking to a good looking man:

Talk to Every Man, Not Just the Good Looking Ones

If you only focus on talking & flirting with men who you’re attracted to, then you’re putting too much pressure on yourself and that’s why you become so nervous in talking to a good looking man.

So, it’s important to be open and talk to every man you come into contact with, that way you’ll get a lot of practice of talking to and meeting men in general ,and you won’t get so nervous when it comes time to talk to a man that you find very attractive, even if you’re shy.

Have a Prop or Talk about Your Surroundings

If you want to take the pressure off of coming up with something to say to him, then have a prop or something in your surroundings that you can talk about. That way, it will take the focus off of you and how nervous you are.

Recognize & Acknowledge that You’re Nervous

It’s only natural to be nervous when you’re talking to a good looking man, so it’s important to just recognize it and push through it. Just try to regain your composure & confidence and continue with the conversation.

How many times have you wished you said something to a good looking man that you noticed?

It’s the worst feeling to “kick yourself” later because you passed on an opportunity to say something to him. So, push through your fears because you never want to say, “what if?”…you always want to say that at least you tried! And who knows, you may just break the ice with a good looking man and he may just ask you out on a date!

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