How To Increase Your Luck In Love

Luck is no more a dating strategy than the lottery is a financial plan.

Despite it’s inefficiency, many singles turn to luck when it comes to finding love. Luck alone won’t help your love life but you can improve your luck in love by taking action. With 4 easy actions you can create better results in dating.

This will undoubtedly make you feel lucky but just know that finding love has a lot to do with you.

To improve your love life, and the possibility of finding love, try tweaking the small decisions that you make everyday.

Dress to Impress

You should never leave your home in clothing that doesn’t make you feel amazing. It’s your responsibility to dress yourself in a way that represents who you are and how you feel about yourself.

Anytime you dress in a way that isn’t flattering you send the message that you’re not worth it. Repeated often enough you will begin to believe that you aren’t worth high quality partners or respectful treatment.

It isn’t just what you choose to wear it’s the thought process behind the choice. The moment you tell yourself, “I don’t care what I look like,” is the moment you discount yourself as a viable candidate for love.

Does this seem dramatic?

Well, it isn’t that singles fail to dress to impress once a year, or once a month. Many singles fall into the habit of “not caring” about their looks several times a week. This subliminal messaging impacts your self-esteem and makes you feel like a fraud when you do dress up and invest in your looks.

Failing to dress your best everyday slowly convinces you that your best isn’t good enough. Your best suddenly begins to feel like a costume and your identity becomes the less attractive person in sweats than the suited and booted super star you’re meant to be. If you aren’t willing to take the time to look and feel attractive, everyday, then you’re sending a subliminal message to yourself that you don’t deserve real love.

Make looking and feeling good a habit.

Do your best to look and feel great everyday, every time you leave your house and enjoy the effort it takes knowing that the results will be worth it.

Get Out And Meet People

Grab a great book, find a comfortable spot in your local Starbucks or local cafe and dedicate two hours to sparking conversations. Being good company is something you should practice. If you aren’t making it a habit to socialize, start conversations and meet new people then how do you expect to find love?

If you aren’t willing to place yourself in luck’s way then don’t rely on it as your personal matchmaker. Luck is sitting alone in a coffee shop and meeting the person of your dreams. Luck in running into an old friend who invites you to a party where you meet “the one”.

I don’t mind you relying on luck but you might want to give it a hand. Get out of your house and get into lucks way by clearing the distractions and excuses between yourself and the luck you believe in.

Spend time alone purposely waiting to meet new people. Be open, smile and start conversations. There is nothing wrong with getting involved in your love life by making the conscious decision to invest time into it. Meeting new people allows you to gauge how others enjoy your company.

If a simple hello turns into a brief conversation then that’s wonderful. If you find yourself chasing people away or worse, not making connections at all, then you might need to improve your social skills.

Prepare for Dating

Stop asking when it will happen and start asking what will you do when it does happen? What will you wear on the first date, where will you go? What will you talk about and what will you ask?

How will you make them feel comfortable? How will you have fun together, keep the mood light and spark desire?

What are important questions that you need to ask or topics you need to avoid?
What dating advice should you adhere to like, never talking about an ex, don’t drink too much or over share personal information.

If you believe that you will meet the right person based on luck, are you at least prepared to meet them? Will you give them a great compliment, make them laugh or ask important questions that let them know you’re interested?

Do you have specific ways to engage this “right” person and secure a date with them? Don’t just assume that luck will bring them to you and make them like you. It’s luck not magic.

Date Online

Online dating might seem like a complicated way to meet the right person but there are two great benefits that you might not be aware of.
It’s convenient and it gives you access to millions of people you’d never be able to meet on your own. Don’t focus on meeting the love of your life online, concentrate on meeting people that you just like in general.

What happens in dating is that we get so accustomed to being alone that we forget how to interact with others. We keep potential dates at bay and we don’t realize the blocks we set up between us and the people we want to date. The excuses you make for why you can’t meet more people are your blocks.
What are you doing to find love and what is working and what isn’t?

Luck doesn’t change the fact that you’re blocking love.
Luck doesn’t bring your walls down.

In fact, lucks function in love is to make real what you already believe in. Luck can’t make you believe the impossible so in order to make luck work for you, you have to not only believe in it but put that belief into action. I hope this was helpful.

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  1. Great article, Miss Solomon! This was very encouraging and practical. I love this tip: “Spend time alone purposely waiting to meet new people. Be open, smile and start conversations.” Good stuff – keep up the great posts! 😉

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