6 Signs That Women Don’t Want You

How To Attract Men Without Even Trying

If you want to attract men effortlessly you first have to stop judging your worth by the type of men that you attract. We are taught that we attract not what we want but who we are. Because of this way of thinking women assume that if they attract losers then they are a loser.

Women put a lot of value into the type of men that they attract and because of this attracting no men is better than attracting any man. So when it comes to effortless attraction the goal is to bring into your life the men that you want.

You can attract smart, attractive, high value men easily but you can’t attract them only. That is the misconception women have in dating. They believe that if they are “good enough” the right men will come and the wrong men will instantly know that a woman is “out of their league”. This isn’t the case because unlike women, men go after what they want, whether they believe they are qualified to have it or not. It’s called privilege and entitlement. So how do you start attracting high quality men easily?

Get good at saying “No”

If you’re not willing to reject some men then you inadvertently bar all men. Women have choices. In fact, women are the ultimately decision makers when it comes to dating but it’s very difficult for most women to yield their power. If you accept that you always have the right to say no to a man, then rejecting the men that you don’t want becomes natural.

Instead, when a woman is confronted by a man she doesn’t want, she insists that there is something she has done to attract this unwanted attention. She blames herself. Men are attracted to beauty. That is a fact. You can’t ask some men to know that they don’t have the “right” to approach you, you have to tell them.

Expect attention

There is something called the spotlight syndrome. It’s when we hide behind our appearance but still want love to find us when we are dressed up. Are you guilty of hiding behind your clothing on an every day basis? Are you dressed ready to meet the love of your life every time that you leave your house, or are you guilty of only dressing up when you believe there is a chance to meet a romantic interest?

Think about it this way, if you knew exactly when you were going to meet the man of your dreams, you would be the most calm dater in the world. If you could dress up only when you knew you would meet your potential partner, then you’d be psychic. You have to expect the attention from men of the right men, and welcome it. As you begin to embrace your level of appeal, you’ll begin to exude a level of self confidence that will bring men into your life with ease.

Bless that which you want

Too many people want to date high quality partners but they are incredibly judgmental against those who consider themselves as such. We start to claim these confident men are “full of themselves” or “players”. We identify smart, good-looking men and dub them conceited, or we assume that they aren’t looking for a relationship. If you want to attract a certain caliber of man, you have to recognize and praise that man when you see him.

You can’t claim that high quality men are assholes but want that type of man as a partner. There is no need to judge anyone or anything that you see. When you have the opportunity to get to know someone, they might be a good person or not but to judge anyone before you actually know for yourself is to encourage negative energy. And negative energy always keeps out what you want.

Never settle for less than you want

Women have been taught in the dating culture to give men a chance. If a man isn’t exactly what you want, we are encouraged to just “see”. If you want to attract men easily, only date the men that meet your standards. This will reinforce what you believe you deserve and bring more of it into your life.

You have to been on your own side. If you spend time with less than you want because you’re afraid that what you want isn’t out there, then you confuse your energy. Only date men that you really like, and feel good about. If you want to attract men easily you have to set the tone. You have to start creating a pattern of attracting great men.

Create a mantra

Meditation and affirmations are great tools in attracting what you want but they’re not a practice for everyone. If you want to attract the men that you want, create a positive statement that reinforces to you that it’s possible. A simple statement such as, “ I always attract high quality men” is enough.

The reason most people don’t get what they want is simply because they never ask. Create a positive statement that reinforces what you want to create. It’s only by convincing yourself that you can actually make it happen. If you don’t believe it, or you feel like you don’t deserve it cant’ happen. You have to create a mantra that you constantly repeat until it is true for you.

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