3 Reasons You Need to Share Your Personal Story with Others

If you have gone through some tough times in your life and have experienced something traumatic, then you need to share your story with others. Most people don’t want to share their stories because they don’t want to damage their reputation, and if you feel the same, then you need to stop worrying about that. You can share your story as an anonymous person as well by writing a blog; what matters most is that you get the story out there.

There are many reasons which prove that sharing personal stories with others is good. Humans are social creatures so sharing is part of their life. Humans are created such a way and inherently want to share the good and bad parts of their life to others.

So do not try to stifle that inherent feeling because of shyness or other matters. Many great people have shared their personal stories through books and movies. So you can too. It has inspired many people to succeed in life. So always share your personal stories to the people who really need it.

Let’s have a look at three reasons that will convince you to share your story anonymously.

  1. Helps You Digest

When you share your story by writing a blog, you are stating things that happened to you and the hurdles you face. This can help you gain a new perspective on your story, and writing it for other people will help you realize that you came out of it as a strong person, and it is over for you now. It can help you find that peace of mind you have always been searching for.

If you share your life stories with others along with the mistakes you have made this will help you to be humble. Sharing the stories with your friends and close acquaintances will keep you grounded. You will also never repeat the mistakes you did. Moreover, sharing personal stories with others will offer you peace and calm. You will become hopeful about your plans. You will succeed in life in many ways. 

  1. Gives Other Courage

Sharing your story with others who are going through the same situation or have been a victim of the same crime can give them courage. For example, if you were a victim of domestic abuse, you can give other victims hope that they can also get out of this horrible situation. You can also understand the feelings of others and be empathetic to their feelings and emotions.

You can share the stories in person or can write a letter if you feel that you can better express through writing. Sometimes the way you use to share your personal stories is not important because you can either talk or write. It will touch the hearts of the people who really require it and offer them the courage to make powerful decisions on their own.

  1. Sparks Important Conversations

Sharing your experience will not only help other victims, but it will also help you spark important conversations that can prove integral for the betterment of society. You can also learn the stories of people if they wish to relate it to you. With these conversations, both of the parties involved will get benefited. Furthermore sharing stories will help you to communicate well with others. The things that happen in your life will make more sense to you.


These are the three reasons that show that sharing a personal story is important and beneficial in life. Follow it and you will be happy. Sharing stories does not mean that you are influencing people to take a certain decision you have taken. We have to know that not all are the same.

But the point is that you are encouraging people to make their own decisions based on your life experiences. That is why sharing your personal stories with others are crucial. Practice this habit because it will reap many benefits.

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