10 Controversial Dating Rules You Should Always Follow

“Dating may be a stage of romantic relationships in humans whereby two people meet socially with the aim of every assessing the other’s suitability as a prospective partner in an intimate relationship.”

1. Be Honest With Yourself and Others

We all know that “honesty is the best policy.” Similarly, don’t forget this. It is an essential factor in dating. Make sure that honesty does not mean you should share all of your personal information with them before knowing the person. But do not tell a lie or hide the truth to other person. Sometimes it is on you that you should say or hide but always avoid telling a lie for a healthy and good relationship.

2. Holdup Before Replying to the First Text.

When a guy sends you that “Hey, was great meeting you last night” text, your first reaction could also be to write down a lengthy message. But waiting a couple of hours to reply won’t kill him and can build his anticipation. And if you wait, you give the impression that you simply are busy- working, running, getting to the gym, or doing whatever that you simply do. 

Then the first exchange, the authors suggest taking a minimum half to one hour to respond to the first message  Which will be a touch long, but it causes you to consider responding directly.

3. Spend Quality Time Together

Keep in mind this line that you should spend quality time to understand your opposite person and his or her intention. Spending quality time does not mean you that your physical intimacy. It is both physical and psychological [ mainly ].  Sometimes we indulge in social media or on the mobile phone, but it is not good. While you are on the conversation with the person, just talk with him. Quality time means only focus on the other persons and the communication with him or her. This makes getting to know you become more pleasant. 

4. Keep the Conversation Fun

Yes, fun is essential! Don’t always be too serious about your dating. Keep to continue the conversation long and make fun. Firstly the conversation is based on fact. And women find this annoying. So it’s fine to share events, but confirm to feature in humor, intrigue, and flirtatious overtones. Sometimes we make fun when the situation is serious- don’t do it. Try to match the opposite person’s emotions. It depends on the situation, keep in mind that fun (but not excessive) also plays an essential role in the conversation. So making dating fun is a good dating rule to follow.

5. Do Something that She or He Wants

No, not have sex too soon, though that’s something he wants to try to. In the beginning, you are still trying to judge compatibility. Guys like to have their egos stroked. Dating isn’t all about you. He may have planned the first date to cater to you or as something general you both would enjoy.  When planning the subsequent date, attempt to incorporate one among his interests. This shows you would like to urge them to understand him better and encourage him to undertake one among your attention. It is an excellent way to make a good impact on your dating experience.

6. Don’t Forget To Compliment.

The compliment is the excellent tip, but we ignore or forget it. So don’t forget to praise her or him. Remember, sometimes we are complimenting or praise him or her what he or she does not deserve. Try to avoid such action, instead of praising him or her for what he or she earned. Always search for the most uncomplicated and good in others, and it’ll bring out the simplest in you. A genuine compliment makes the other person feel good. It’s an active factor in every conversation.

7. Avoid Sexting

I hope you know what sext is. Sext is a text message(pictures) related to sex or sexual, physical topics. Your feeling of sex can be expressed through these types of SMS. It’s not uncommon for a lady to spend some sexual messages or provocative pictures to a man she is dating and trusts. Remember how easily it can be forwarded on Facebook or posted on any other social media platform like Instagram, Twitter, etc. Suppose one day coming,  after a breakup, he or she can blackmail you with these. So never send such type of pictures, SMS. Keep a limit in that case. It applies to men also. So never do sext.

8. Wait to Have Sex

One-thousand percent, to each their own on this subject. It’s my point of view that a dating rule that will be available handy for sparing your precious heart is avoiding sexual intimacy until you recognize you’re both trying to find an equivalent thing. If it is just a sexual relation, Great! But you should think somethings more than only sex. Because having sex only causes you to feel even more attached to an individual …and can sometimes cause you to feel down on yourself if they do not find yourself committing to you. Nobody must feel that. Yep, sex is important but starting time it is most important to know and understand each other.

9. Avoid Ex’s Talk

Yes, first few days of dating, you should avoid talk of any Ex. It is the phase of trust-building, and Ex is a past thing, so don’t drag your past into a new relationship unnecessarily. But yes some situations might have arrived that you have to tell your new paramour about, which include your Ex. So again, don’t be liar, be honest, and open but to the extent that you feel comfortable as you get to know each other. Here I want to say don’t try to drag your past or Ex into the relationship where there is no need.

10. Don’t Hesitate to Send a “Thank you” Text

It is not good to hesitate to send a ‘thank you’ text. This is important for every time, every situation and for every relation to thank you with heart. It also makes you satisfied, and others are also happy. It’s very, very important more than anything else.

Lastly, there are some rules you should always follow when you are going to be in dating. There is no hard and fast rule. It partially depends on some communication skills, some extra tips. The golden rule is that understand the situation & the feeling of your dating person and act as on your understanding.


Erin Miller is the founder of TheDatingAdvise.com, where he share his experiences from Online Dating World and give tips to people how to safely go for a online dating platform. He has tested 100s of online dating websites. So his aim is to aware people from any online scam or shady website by referring them legit platforms.

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