Things Scrambling in Guy’s Mind during No Contact

The first rule of a break up is to have little or no contact with the person your were dating. Some people use ‘no contact’ as a tactic to pull someone in that might have been pulling away. Dating experts often recommend ‘no contact’ as a way to show your control in a relationship. But what happens to men during this process is very different than what happens to women.

People staying away don’t have any contact with each other. Well! Both guys and girls have different mind. A guy’s mind during no contact is slightly different from the mind of girls. They tend to be more rational than being emotional. 

Moreover, they think more logically than having some intuitions. In the period of no contact, the male mind is guided by logic instead of relying on emotions and feelings. It is not that they have a separate mind; they are also human beings, empowered with emotions. 

Well, they too have powerful emotions. But despite both the genders are there with the same human species. Thus, there are times when negative breakup emotions seem to be wane quicker in guys than they do for the women. 

What Goes Through a Guy’s Mind in the ‘No Contact’ Phase

The girls whose decisions at the time of breakup are engraved deeply because of their subconscious and conscious mind, the guys can victim mentality and anger much quicker.

You may be thinking, what is he thinking during no contact, right? As a girlfriend, you may be thinking about you, or he is forgotten about you? 

Is there any chance that you both will get back together? Don’t think much here are some thinks that the guys have in their mind at the time of no contact.

 Common thoughts a guy has no contact

Here are some common thoughts which come in a guy’s mind during no contact. The thoughts are as follows-

1. He is a little confused

Did he ever expect you to text by now? No, now he only expected you to call him. And he is expecting you to come inside, knocking on the door of his room, and demanding several explanations.

Along with this, he even expects different instagram and Facebook updates. The updates must be like Instagram stories which have meaningful and even sad quotes. Well, he even wants nothing but complete radio silence. 

You don’t have to worry as he is confused but in a little good way. The first and foremost thing is, he is thinking totally about you. He believes that what all things happened that changed you so much. Also, at this time, he also has confusing fear that whether you have given up on him this early. 

2. Wondering if you miss him or not

All of a sudden the meeting you and listening from you is gone, that you miss your guy. He can’t help dealing with this situation but can wonder why it is so. When he breaks up with you, it seems to be crushed. 

Well, you miss his late-night conversations, texts and all the attempts made for a call. He simply sits and wonders at that moment, where is that girl who replied to me instantly every time? Where is she who couldn’t wait to see him? Or why you are ignoring him?

Thus, he wonders all these thoughts about you… and thinks that whether you are missing him too or not. 

3. He regrets his actions

This time when he has a chance to experience life on his terms, he is going to miss the things you had. Well, he is also going to have a thought that he made a mistake leaving you. 

All the moments you shared, he starts missing those moments and tries to recall all the actions. He will have a thought that he has taken everything for granted before. But distance made him realize that all he had was priceless and he didn’t valued. 

Somebody rightly said you don’t value the things when you lose it. This is the thing that happens with a guy, after break up he is sad but not crushed. They afterwards realize that they lost everything that they had with you. 

4. Fights with his fear of commitment

At the time of no contact, the feelings of a guy are divided. He has two feelings that he wants you, but at the same time, he is scared as hell. It has nothing to do with you and he merely not ready to make all the things long term with you. 

He is going to probably overcome these fears and questions himself whether you are still waiting for him. The guys are having perfect commitment phobia and can last for a long while he is the only one who can fix it. 

He is going to face all these fear in once a while when he is sitting alone thinking. The fear of losing you will also be there in his mind. His love should be stronger than his greatest fear. 

If you don’t see this, then it is worth staying and waiting for him. This is because if he doesn’t love you, then he is not the right one for you.

5. He even wonders whether you have moved on

While he has no contact with you, he is thinking that- are you dating somebody else? With no contact, he doesn’t have any clue about other men in your life. And this not knowing part is killing him badly. 

Well, he is scared that he left you means he had sent you in somebody else’s arm. The other guy is going to take his place is making him insecure. You don’t have to make him think like that… his empty mind is going to make all sorts of scenarios. 

The hidden jealousy will now be seen at the time of no contact. 

This will make him realize what he is losing. 

6. He is thinking only about himself

If you have the misfortune that, the guy is thinking about you, then you must have only one thing in mind. He is having only one thing in his mind that is about himself, his life. In the period of no contact, he will be the man you use to contact with. 

The pain after the breakup will be excruciating regardless of rationalizing the fact that is better off. However, when you look forward, the no contact rule is going to heal the pain. 

This will help you to don’t fall in the worse web again. 

Last verdicts

Therefore, when a guy is silent, don’t think that he is not thinking anything. The above things are going in a guy’s mind during no contact. 

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