5 Ways Online Dating Has Changed In The Pandemic

If there’s anything that the pandemic has changed about the dating world, that is, more people are yearning for partnership. When the pandemic started, everyone was forced to stay at home, lessen their social contact in the outside world, and stay away from potential virus carriers.    

The longer time people spent with themselves indoors, the more they felt the urge to connect and feel affection with another human. Dating was already hard enough during the best times. Now, it made dating more challenging. People used to look for dates through online platforms before meeting them in person. Now, the online platforms, like Bumble and Tinder, are all that you’ve got to even communicate with someone. Learn more about these two apps: https://datingapps.live/dating-comparisons/bumble-vs-tinder

With the sudden shifts this pandemic brought to the global industries and even in the dating world, here are a few ways how online dating has changed during the pandemic.

Change in Perception

Prior to the lockdown and the pandemic happening, some people didn’t always take online dating seriously. For some of them, online dating is a portal towards seeing hundreds and thousands of people to choose from. People use apps like, as mentioned above, Tinder and Bumble, as well as Badoo, to scroll upon different faces, see which ones they’re interested in, get to know more, and eventually decide to meet in person. Here’s a comparison of Tinder and Badoo: https://datingapps.live/dating-comparisons/badoo-vs-tinder

But now that everyone is in lockdown for who knows how long, people who’ve been yearning for partnership are starting to change their perception towards online dating. Most of you take online dating more seriously now, finding someone you think you can connect at a deeper level, not just for casual chit-chatting. With the change of attitude, people now go for slower dating.

Slow Dating’s the New Normal

On a regular date, you meet someone in a restaurant or a bar, and you would play these roles created by society and have these superficial conversations. From there, it’s up to you both on how fast your pace will be. Some go right into the sexual department, while some plan a couple more dates before sealing anything.   

Yet as of this moment, none of those mentioned is ever happening. Instead of going fast and dive right into the mattress, online dating during the pandemic allows you to take your time in knowing someone. You can’t use the environment or any other people to back you up. It’s just the two of you alone. It may not be knowing them in person, but the pandemic had forced you to know someone at a more comfortable level before risking yourself to see them in person. That itself is slow yet steadier compare to the typical dates you used to have before.

The COVID Talk

This is by far the newest member of online dating’s perks. Aside from talking about each other’s likes, dislikes, hobbies, and other topics that both of you can think of, the COVID talk is indeed joining in the conversation too. Of course, with the covid-19 cases that are alarming in rate, it’s your call to perform precautionary measures first before deciding to interact with them in person. 

Nobody wants to risk their health and wellbeing for someone they met online, so it’s best to be sure and have the COVID Talk. Feel free to ask your date about how strict they’re following the safety measures implemented by WHO. You can ask them where they work, how many people they hang out with in person, do they wear masks or feel any symptoms, and what their lifestyle is. Ask what you think you must know to prevent any risk. They can also ask you in return.  

Virtual Dating Takes Off

Since no one knows how long humanity has to lock themselves out during this pandemic, virtual dating is here to stay. Rather than going out to the movies, you spend yourselves video chatting till you both fall asleep. Are you both trying to celebrate the holidays virtually? Virtual dating is the answer. There are plenty of apps that couples can choose from if they’d like to have a video chat.

Even if both of you take the risk of eating outside in a restaurant, you still won’t get the typical dating experience due to the new protocols such as social distancing and one-person-per-table policy.  That is why virtual dating has taken off big time during the pandemic.  

Searching for the Real Deal

Since the chances of meeting people in real life are very limited, people are now searching for meaningful connections with someone through online dating. The uncertainty of the situation made people realize how important it is to find someone to truly connect with and have thoughtful conversations about life, health, and love. People are becoming more serious about finding a real deal. However, it can be tough to get through someone through virtual communications, making online dating more challenging than before.

The Future of Online Dating

Dating in the middle of a pandemic is a slow dance, so enjoy every minute of it. This is an excellent time to be picky and cautious, so make sure to know what you want out of it. Keep in mind that trust is built over time, so it’s best to take everything slow and allow genuine connections to happen steadily. Anyway, this pandemic is not meant to last forever.


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