7 Issues To Discuss Before Living With A Partner

The last years have been marked by a rise of relationship articles and blogs, where people are sharing their advice and romantic experiences. Trying to understand what men want or how to make them happy has been on the mind of many women.

And now because moving together is so close to becoming reality, understanding your partner and communicating with him is essential. Sometimes moving together can be like a breath of fresh air and you can get along with your partner well. But at other times, moving together is not the best decision couples could take and it results in breakups and, often, financial difficulties for both partners.

So, there are a few things that need to be discussed before living together. We will look together at seven of the most important things that should be on your list.

1. Long-Term Expectations

One of the reasons many couples decide to break up is unmet expectations. Often, partners do not even communicate their perspective on the future of the relationship and they just expect the other to do what needs to be done. But even though partners often have things in common, others make them different. And the most important thing to consider is that no one can read minds.

Discussing your long-term expectations with your partner helps you see if you are on the same page. If you two want different things, maybe moving in together is not the best choice to be made now. Many couples start living together right from the beginning, as we know that every start of a relationship comes with positive emotions.

Communicate with your partner and understand what he wants from your relationship. Or which are his plans. Even though it may seem a little bit early to talk about these subjects, share your perspective on marriage or having children. This will be helpful because it will help both of you avoid later misunderstandings or relationship issues.

2. Finances

Moving in together is something that many couples are looking forward to. But however dreamy it may be, this comes with responsibilities and things to share. Discussing finances is one of the most important topics you should talk about. While the two of you are living together, you will need to pay the rent, the bills, the groceries, and other household costs. Maybe one of the healthiest approaches is to share the costs.

But not all people have the same attitude towards money. And having this discussion before moving in is important, as some people love spending money, while others saving it. You wouldn’t want to find yourself bankrupt, so share your thoughts on the subject with your partner. Of course, it is equally important to be flexible and mindful of your partner’s financial situation.

3. Why Are You Moving In Together?

One of the main topics that need to be discussed before living together is the reason why you are doing this. It is not odd for some couples to say that they did this because it was financially wise. But if you move in because of finances, is it the best decision you could make?

Moving in together should be a natural step in many relationships where love and appreciation are cherished. It should be a decision that makes sense for the stage of your relationship you find yourselves in. You shouldn’t make this decision based on an ultimatum or financial reasons.

Breakups and divorces are among the things many people run away from, although they happen from time to time. But it would be gut-wrenching to move in just to find out that you’re not even loving each other. Not speaking about the financial consequences that follow.

4. Household Chores

One of the things that may be a later quarrel topic is household chores. Unless you love cleaning the apartment, doing the groceries, washing the dishes, or vacuuming the place, these chores need to be shared. If only one of the partners is involved in these unpleasant but necessary chores, he will likely become frustrated.

So, it is essential before moving in to discuss these details. Maybe you hate washing the dishes but have no problem with cleaning the bathroom. There might be some chores we naturally hate doing, so maybe your partner can do them. And vice versa, you can do what he hates doing. Sharing household responsibilities is important and puts you on the same page. Moreover, you avoid getting angry and frustrated later, as the best essay writers on romantic relationships highlight.

5. Pets

Discussing about pets is essential. When you will move in together, adopting a pet might seem a natural choice for many people. But others do not love living with a cat or a dog, or having a parrot is stressful for them. Some people are even allergic to pets, so maybe they want to avoid having one.

You would want to avoid being disappointed by your partner’s decision to not adopt a cat or a dog. Or maybe you don’t want to live with pets, and this can sometimes be a deal-breaker. However, it is important to discuss this subject, as you might find out new things about each other.

Maybe both of you love animals and want to adopt a pet, which is the ideal situation.
On the other side, compromising in a romantic relationship can sometimes be exactly what the relationship needs. You will not be on the same page with every decision you will need to make as a couple, so one of the partners needs to compromise or find another solution.

6. Guests

When you move in together, you share the space. And each of the partners has his friends and acquaintances he would like to meet regularly. There are differences in partners’ preferences. While some partners might be sociable, others might love spending time just with the dear one. So, as long as you will live together, you need to agree on this topic. Are your friends and family welcomed at any time or do you need to plan these visits ahead of time? You can invite your friends anytime or prior agreements are needed? Talking about this before moving in helps you get ready for what follows and avoid misunderstandings.

7. Odd Habits

We all have odd habits. There is nothing wrong with them as they show your real personality. For example, maybe you love spending the morning in bed, talking with your cat, while he likes throwing his clothes on the floor. These weird habits are the salt and pepper of romantic relationships and you will discover new things about your partner every day. But if you have some habits that you think the other will find weird or disturbing, it is better to talk about them ahead.

Being involved in a romantic relationship is a need all people have. We yearn for love, kindness, and appreciation. And your partner might be some of the closest figures to you who can offer you all this. All relationships have a dreamy and idyllic start and moving in together might seem the natural step for many couples. But before doing this, it is essential to discuss these things to avoid later frustrations, anger, and misunderstandings.


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