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2 thoughts on “CONTACT ME

  1. Dear ,

    I recently read about you and I think you are god sent.

    I have very unsuccessful in my romantic relationship. The men I see could tell me they are not interested in me ( in marriage ) and still ask me out. I am in my mid thirties and haven’t been actively dating. The reason is as I describe below.

    Recently I admitted to a man ( I know for 5 years already )11years my senior that I am interested in marriage (with him) and of course it was well received. Yet, I haven’t moved on and I am still hooked up on him. I believe this is entirely my ego telling me I can do better with him, but it is paralyzing. I think of him as though he is everything for me but in fact when I reflect it isn’t any of that. I feel crazy jealous when others talk to him. Sometimes I cry for being such so jealousy.

    I have gone through so much break up books and video yet it is not helping.

    What would you advice?


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