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The Dating Truth exists as a resource for anyone seeking dating and relationship advice. We welcome ideas from the world’s most insightful writers, thinkers, and storytellers. We welcome thoughtful and civil discussion from a broad spectrum of viewpoints. Nevertheless, to maintain a safe environment for a wide range of people to engage in meaningful conversations, we prohibit certain conduct. Each participant in our community is responsible for maintaining these standards.

The Dating Truth Editorial Guidelines

The Dating Truth exists to offer the world’s best dating advice for single adults anywhere and everywhere. We value quality content — fresh ideas, unique perspectives, varied voices, smart thinking — and believe readers do, too. The best articles are those that include useful information for daters of all kinds. 

We serve a community of single adults as well and publish content to make dating easy, fun, and exciting. 

Here are the elements our editorial teams consider in evaluating story quality:

  • Does the story meet a high editorial standard? – Is it well-written, easy to follow, free of errors, appropriately sourced, narratively strong, and compelling? 
  • Does it add value for the reader? – Does it share new insights or perspectives? Offer an original take on a familiar issue? Does it stir emotions and/or thinking? Provide meaningful advice? Enrich a reader’s understanding of the topic? Does it feel like time well spent?
  • Is it written for the reader? – Is the story written with the reader in mind? Does the story make a connection with the reader or to a larger issue?
  • Is it complete? – Is it a finished, polished piece of work? Considered? Concise? Will a reader walk away satisfied?
  • Is it rigorous? – Are claims supported? Sources cited alongside stated facts? Does the story hold up to scrutiny?
  • Is it genuine? – Is the story written in good faith? Is it truthful? 
  • Is it free of typos and errors? 

What we don’t offer are generic content pieces on self-improvement, wellness, marriage, personal development, or any topics that don’t relate to single adults. 

Story Disqualifications

Stories must comply with our editorial guidelines and the distribution standards to be eligible for further distribution. It is important to note, however, that compliance with the standards below does not guarantee additional distribution.

  • Advertisements or Explicit Reviews
    • This includes promotional content that states a product is the best, the only, or language that includes ‘try now’ or ‘buy today’.
  • Content that violates The Dating Truth’s rules, including:
    • Stories that pathologize, dehumanize, or disempower others.
    • Stories that glorify, celebrate, downplay, or trivialize violence, suffering, abuse, or deaths.
    • Stories that exist mainly to target, shame, intimidate, or harass identified, identifiable, or anonymous people.
    • Plagiarism/“borrowing” content without citation
    • Undisclosed affiliate links
    • Content that doesn’t include keywords related to dating, love, relationships, etc… 

Disqualifying Story Types

  • Sponsored content, content marketing, or stories whose sole purpose is to gather signups/traffic
  • Press releases
  • Non-English stories (we can only review English stories at this time)
  • Erotica
  • Inflammatory business reviews
  • Response posts
  • Disqualifying Headlines
    • Clickbait is content that’s designed to entice a reader to click. It often shows up in the form of deceptive or manipulative story packaging (the headline, subheadline, and feature image) — a hyperbolic claim, a too-wide curiosity gap, a titillating image, etc. These stories do not follow through on their promise and often leave the reader unsatisfied.

Our editors reserve the right to update submitted content as they see fit to best match the purpose and aesthetic of The Dating Truth brand. 

The statements, views, and opinions contained in curated stories are those of the authors and are not endorsed by, nor do they necessarily reflect the opinions of, The Dating Truth or its employees.

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