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YouTube Tuesday: Why Women Date Jerks

It’s YouTube Tuesday and I want to talk to you about a very serious subject.

There are several myths in dating that singles believe because it makes us feel better about not getting dates.

I want you to stop using excuses and these myths as a reason NOT to be more successful in your love life. You are in total control of who you let into your life; you just don’t know how to open the door.

This video explains one simple fact.

Women won’t date men that they aren’t attracted to. And here comes the chorus of objections about your sister’s, uncle’s, cousin’s, neighbor who is supermodel gorgeous dating the hunchback of Notre Dame.

There will always be exceptions in life like there will always be lottery winners but we don’t live our lives by what might be. You can’t base your success on being the exception. Pretend for a moment that you are like everyone else and dating “most” women.

In this video I explain why it seems like women like the “bad boy” and why that’s not necessarily true.


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