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5 Simple Steps To Giving A Compliment

You always hear that confidence is the key to love, success and gets you just about everything you could ever want in life.

Confidence is like knowledge, the more you have the better suited you are in any situation.

You’re flexible, you’re assured and you feel prepared for any scenario.

Despite its importance, having confidence still seems to elude many people. Most of us are confident at different times in different ways. Unfortunately, in dating, many of us aren’t confident in the areas we need to be. You have to know that potential dates want you. You have to know that what you’re doing in dating will get you what you want. You have to commit to the goal and feel satisfied in the situation.

Dating is a game of who feels more certain. Whoever has the most faith in themselves wins. And trust me, you want to win but let’s say you’re like the many of us, and you haven’t gotten the grasp of what feeling truly confident in dating actually means.

What can you do?

Practice makes permanent. If you really want confidence you have to practice the elements of confidence that seem to come so naturally to others. You have to act as if, until it actually is. I believe in one simple fact; people will date you if you make them feel good about themselves. The best way I’ve found to do so is with compliments.

Compliments make others feel good but we surprisingly withhold them. We tend to suffer from ‘you first’ syndrome. We expect someone to do for us the kind, heart-warming things we should be doing for others.

It’s an easy habit to form and can change your dating life forever.

5 Easy Steps To Giving A Great Compliment

1. Start with strangers

Compliments are best when they are absolutely free. With no expectation or strings attached give as many compliments you can to strangers everywhere you go. The most they will say is thank you but it will make you both feel a lot better.

2. Make it genuine

So here is the dating trick, it doesn’t have to be genuine but it has to sound so. You can lie, you can fib or be a little facetious with genuine expression. As long as you understand your goal is to get out of your comfort zone and make another person feel good.

3. Keep eye contact

There is nothing worse than talking to someone who won’t look you in the eyes. Potential dates can make us nervous. Looking towards the floor or ceiling is a clear sign of insecurity. Maintain strong eye contact with everyone you speak to.

4. Speak with authority

What you say is just the start, how you say it makes it strong. Authority means you know what you’re talking about. At first it might not seem natural but with practice you can give a compliment with weight.

5. Do it everyday

What can you gain from practicing confidence once and awhile? If you’re going to boost your confidence, giving compliments to anyone who comes across your path needs to be put into consistent action. Just do it.

Making others feel good, feels good. Once you master the art of giving compliments, the more at ease you can put potential dates.

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