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Regarding relationships, it’s common for us to want the same goal: to find the ideal partner who knows us and can share our entire life. But this objective is often skippered by fear, shyness, and bad luck. If you’re not finding Mr. or Ms, You’re right; you’re not sure how to get the attention of the person you’ve always wanted to be, which is often based on what you tell them in the first few moments of contact.

What would you do if I asked you to go on a date?

If you’re interested, you could say something like; I’d like to meet you for a drink! When do you have time? If you’re feeling more confident, then you could say I’ve been thinking about asking you out for a few minutes. Whatever you decide to say, simply expressing curiosity and asking her by phone is typically the best option.

 I love you/I like your personality because of

If you’re hoping to impress the woman you’ve always wanted to be with, begin with telling her about what you love about her. Make sure you are specific and genuine in your praises and inform her of why you are drawn to her. For example, you can declare, I am awed by that you have a sense of humor, or your intelligence attracts me. Ultimately, she’ll be more likely to accept your sentiments since she’ll feel confident about herself and trust that you’re not trying to fit in her pants.

You are so gorgeous.

Women are often thought to want to hear praises for their appearance, and although this is the case, this isn’t always the situation. Be sincere, honest, and genuine. These keywords will draw the woman you’ve always wanted to be. Furthermore, the words are equally for all kinds of women: single moms seeking love, 20-something hipsters seeking thrills, or married couples who have lost the spark that was once their relationship.

Expressing yourself in honesty and openness means that you are vulnerable. By revealing your emotions without fear and shame, you are showing the woman that she can be confident in you and open up to you too. This is also an opportunity for women to express their thoughts and feelings with you, too – Don’t be hesitant to accept this invitation!

 I’ve got a confession, confess…

I was timid with women. I was the one who never made the first move and often regretted that. I would glance at that woman who I had been intrigued by talking and think to myself If only I had spoken up. However, I was taught about what words mean. Everything changed. You can utilize some magical phrases to increase your chances of success.

Here are four:

1.) You look gorgeous today.

2.) I would like to know you more.

3.) How long have you been working on this?

Would you like it if I kissed you?

In the realm of dating, there are plenty of grey areas. However, one thing is sure: if you wish to get someone to kiss, it is best to inquire first. Although it might appear to be a straightforward job, it can be pretty stressful. In the end, what happens is the outcome if they refuse? What if they chuckle in your face?

Do they think you’re trying to be a little sexy or desperate or creepy? But the good thing is that every woman worthy of kissing will be grateful for your sincerity and give it a shot. Please don’t be concerned about appearing desperate because asking permission makes you look like a gentleman, not a creep waiting to get a hold of her as soon as she displays any sign of vulnerability.

I’ll take you out to an evening meal this week.

I’ll take you out to dinner this week. These words are simple and communicate faith and confidence are essential in attracting women. Who doesn’t like eating out? Dinner is the perfect time to meet the person you’re with and determine whether there’s an attraction.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to invite her to dinner! What is the likelihood of what will transpire next? She may be eager to join you home. If you’re looking to meet a girl who appears to be keen to spend time with you is never a perfect idea. If she is willing to accept your invitation, I’m sure that she’s anticipating a wonderful conversation and perhaps even a nighttime cuddle on the couch while you watch Netflix together.

If she doesn’t accept your proposal, I’m sure she’ll offer you great tips on how to meet the perfect person in your life because they want everyone else to have a great time just as they want to be happy themselves.

Here are a few magical words you can use to draw women of your desires

  • I’m delighted that I found you. I had no belief that I would see someone as happy as me. So happy. (when she’s done something nice to him)
  • I am blessed as I get to awake with someone who is my love and takes care of me even when I’m not worthy of it. (when he’s feeling thankful) Thank you for being there beside me; thank you for trusting in me and helping me in times of need.
  • You’re gorgeous! You’re an angel by God to rescue me! I couldn’t have done it in your absence.
  • Don’t ever leave me!
  • I cherish you more than anything another person in the world—nothing anyone will ever say or do to alter my love for you.


It is crucial to remember the purpose for which these phrases were used and that many of them must be utilized regularly, but not arrogant. Anyone who uses these words often can be perceived as “over the top” by being loud, inconsiderate, and perhaps even demanding.

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