5 Common Causes of Premature Ejaculation

So…here’s an awkward topic for you!

We all know what sex is and how it works, right? Good, that means I don’t need to go into the mechanics of it – at least for the most part. I do need to talk about one aspect; the finish. A premature ejaculation is, to put it as delicately as possible, where a guy ends up finishing much sooner than he or his partner would’ve preferred.

This can be quite a discouraging experience and there are several different things that may cause a premature ejaculation. Let’s take a look at five of those causes now.

1: Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is a serious problem all over the world and alcohol and drug abuse (whether it’s prescription or illicit drugs). It can damage your internal organs and lower your inhibitions. Unfortunately, it has the added effect of decreasing arousal, lowering testosterone, and increasing the chances of erectile dysfunction.

Drug abuse is…complicated when it comes to sexual performance. Some substances can improve performance – to a point. Other substances are more sinister in nature; reducing or preventing sexual response by lowering testosterone and other hormones. Like alcohol, certain drugs can also lower your inhibitions against certain activities.

2: Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression can cause sex-related problems in general but premature ejaculation can be the result of poor self-esteem/body image. You don’t like how you look and you end up either worried about your performance or unable to perform at all. That’s where the anxiety can cause problems.

You worry about sex, right? If it’s your first experience, you may worry about erectile dysfunction or whether your partner will enjoy it. If you do manage to maintain a strong enough erection, the next worry could be premature ejaculation. You worry so much about this that it actually happens. This is generally because you try to avoid it and end up walking straight into it instead.

This particular cause comes about through a variety of different sources but a common source would be relationship problems.

3: Hormonal Imbalance

Your body produces a wide variety of hormones related to various activities. Adrenaline, testosterone, serotonin, etc. are all different types of hormones. We’ve already discussed the way that testosterone can be affected by substance abuse.

Testosterone, for those unaware, is a hormone produced by the male body that affects sexual performance, sperm production, and appearance. Lower levels of testosterone mean less sexual response from men; lowered arousal, erectile dysfunction and, in some cases, premature ejaculation.

4: Inexperience

This goes back to what I said back at the beginning of this article but if it’s your first time; you’re not going to know a whole lot about what you’re doing. As a result, you may end up overdoing things and…well…finish too quickly – as it were. This can lead to some embarrassment and maybe a little bit of awkwardness between you and your partner.

All that said, ‘practice makes perfect’ exists for a reason and as you get more practice it gets easier to maintain control.

5: Overexcitement

Tying into the previous point, we’ve got overexcitement. This is something that can happen whether you’re an experienced lover or not. You get a little too frisky and end up with a stimulus overload. That stimulus overload or overexcitement results in a premature ejaculation.

There are ways to combat this (the start/stop method for example) so it’s not something to worry about too much. Being excited about sex is good but it can lead to some rather awkward situations sometimes. The important thing is that you don’t let it get to you.

So, there we have it; 5 causes for premature ejaculation. It can be embarrassing and it can affect your confidence but to reiterate what I just said: don’t let it get to you. Don’t let something like this interfere with your love life. Premature ejaculation is something that happens; it’s natural to occur every now and again. If it becomes a repeat problem, you might want to try medication such as Priligy, which has been proven to delay ejaculation substantially. 

I hope you found this article informative, thanks for reading.

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