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How To Tell If Your Guy Is Really Into You

How To Tell If Your Guy Is Really Into You

So you’ve met a great guy and you are really excited. As thrilling as it is to have a new relationship on the horizon, with the excitement also comes doubt. The first few weeks of any new courtship can feel like a whirlwind but what happens after that?

How can you tell that your guy is really into you and the relationship will be exactly as you imagine? This is a common stage of confusion for many people entering into new dating territory. It isn’t that you don’t feel good about the prospect of the relationship, it’s just hard to be sure in today’s climate if a guy is really into you as he claims. In the beginning, he may be doing a lot of things right, but is he willing to commit the way he says he is?

He Trusts You

New relationships always spark a bit of fear. Normally the anxiety you feel when dating someone new comes from a lack of trust. Of course you believe that the person you’re dating is a good person but do you trust each other? In this beginning phase, it’s easy to worry about being abandoned, lied to, or betrayed. These feelings are especially common if you have experienced these situations in the past.

The question isn’t so much if you trust your partner but moreso, does your partner trust you.

Everyone has fears when it comes to relationships. Being in a committed relationship requires bonding and any bond can be broken. Which means the fear of what happens if the relationship doesn’t work out lingers in everyone. You might be convinced that you’re doing everything you can to prove how much you like your guy but that won’t make him trust you.
Trust is an individual decision.

It takes time to build trust but if you have his trust you’ll know. There are certain things your guy will tell you if he trusts you. He might give you access to his phone or social media accounts. He might introduce you to his friends and family. These are all signs of trust but there are many more.

One of the most important ways to know if a guy likes you is if you feel that he trusts you.

He Shares Information With You

Communication is the key to any healthy relationship, romantic or otherwise. If a man is sharing personal information with you then it’s likely that he is bonding with you. This means that he really does like you. Sharing personal information isn’t the same as being vulnerable. Sometimes it’s as simple as knowing his birthday, any special dates or anniversaries.

A man who opens up to you is a guy who really likes you. Pay attention to what your guy is telling you. Is he sharing private information about his finances, his past relationships, and his dreams?

He might tell you about his family or his first job. When a guy shares key details about himself that might be difficult to Google, it is a sign that he likes you. This isn’t the same as being vulnerable.

Sometimes the act of disclosing personal information is valuable because it’s mundane. A man will avoid sharing information with you because he thinks it’s boring and you don’t care. If he is willing to literally ‘bore you’ with the details, he likes you.

Spends Time With You

Spending time together is the most important sign of interest. A man can want your attention via phone calls, texts, or photos on request. If he isn’t willing to spend quality time with you then he isn’t really into you. A man who likes you will spend quality time with you just to make you happy. He doesn’t have to want to, but doing it because it makes you happy is a sign of interest.

If you are in a long distance relationship and feeling that you aren’t sure how this man feels about you, ask him for time. If he isn’t willing to spend time with you then he might not be interested. Long distance or otherwise.

Wanting your attention is often confused with interest. If he is only spending time with you to get what he wants but isn’t there for you when you need company, then he might not be interested.

Initiates Dates With You

A healthy relationship takes an equal investment from both people. It is one thing for your guy to oblige you when you complain about it but does he initiate time with you? A guy who really likes you doesn’t want to share you with anyone else. He will prioritize time with you for various reasons.

First because it feels good. A good relationship feels better than being alone and it’s a place to be yourself and learn more about who you are. Secondly, he will make time to see you to increase your bond. It takes time to get to know each other and a guy who really likes you wants to get to know you.

He Asks You For Help

It is often taught that the way to make someone like you is to ask them for favors. It is a fine line between a man who is asking you for favors or help because trusts you or because he’s using you. It is important to know the difference between a man who is asking for help because he trusts you and a man who is asking because he wants to take advantage of you.

It takes awareness to know the true difference. You have to trust your instincts and be smart about how much you invest in another person. You should also ask yourself why you are doing this man any favors in the first place. Are you looking for validation? Are you trying to be helpful? Does it feel good to help him or do you feel guilty?

A man who trusts you will ask you to help him when he is in need. He isn’t embarrassed because he is close to you and knows that you won’t judge him. If it makes you feel good to help him then you have a healthy relationship and that is a sign that he really likes you.

If doing favors for your guy makes you feel insecure and nervous then the guy that you’re dating might not genuinely like you. The best advice is to follow your gut.

In order to know for sure that a guy likes you, you have to be patient. Time will reveal a man’s true intentions and spending time with a man is the best way to know if he is genuine. You can also trust your intuition. If you believe in the relationship, have a little faith. Pay attention to his behavior and don’t allow your interest in him to cloud your judgement.

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