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Best Relationship Influencers to Follow on Instagram

Best Relationship Influencers to Follow on Instagram

Life is not all about rose patches. There you will meet hard thorns as well. Sometimes your emotions do not let you understand what you are feeling and how to deal with them. An outside voice feels like a breath of fresh air. 

Instagram has become a social platform for providing a solution to all your problems. From travel advisory to beauty product reviews to fashion trends, Instagram is always there. So why not look at it when you are feeling down in life. 

If the people around you do not understand, lookout to get a fresh perspective on life, these influencers on Instagram might not be related to us with any typical relation. Still, they share a bond of understanding with their audience and followers.

The social media platform is amassing with such influencers. Deciding who to follow may be a tiring decision to make.  

Your tool kit should be full of all the right tools to take your ship from stormy waters to peaceful shores when it comes to relationships. Let’s look at the number of people who can help you with your rocky relationship with their soothing words and expert advice. 


The first influencer on our list is this one, a therapist based in New York. Her Instagram is filled with quotes and advice for you to change your perspective. Vienna Pharaon stands at a follower count of more than 500 thousand followers. 

She does not only help you channel your negative emotions but encourages you to stand up and take steps in a positive direction. With her, you are in the safe hands, because she lets you see the light in the darkest of the time. When the going gets tough, look at her Instagram to manage in those situations.


Are you one of those who have difficulty channeling your strong emotions like anxiety and anger? Do you feel this negativity is suffocating your relationship? Let’s have a look at this next relationship influencer on our list. 

Sometimes the voice of depression inside you so bigger that it mutes everything that can create some shine in your life. Visit her Instagram to see a collection of infographics and inspiring quotes to help you get through difficult times. She has more than 200 thousand followers. Look up to her because she will help you take out the negativity and channel the toxicity. Well, catharsis is the best option.


Silvy Khoucasian is next on our list of Instagram influencers. While in a relationship, it is essential to set boundaries, have some space, and make a cushion. Understanding the space concept is one such area in a relationship that most people do not understand and screw up the most. 

Understanding the kind of space your partner requires from the relationship is a vital aspect to consider. With her, you are going to get a lot of boundary setting and creating breathing space advice. Going along with her, you will understand the importance of making boundaries and various attachment styles. If you are struggling in the same domain, she should be the go-to person for you.


In a relationship, there are times when trying to comprehend what you feel becomes the most challenging part of solving the issue at hand. In that situation, you need someone with the ability to untangle the knots in your brand and make you understand the problem. 

Only after knowing the problem, you can look for a possible solution. With more than 600k followers, Nedra Tawwab can break down a complex issue into an understandable one. When you go through her profile and posts, you might find that’s what you were looking for. She mainly uses bullet points in her posts instead of making a whole post for advice. The bulleted writings have this inherent ability to simplify things. 


One of the most followed persons on our Instagram is this relationship influencer. Her 3 Million followers will vouch for her credibility, and trust people have in her advice. Nicole Lepera holds a Ph.D. degree, so with her, you are looking at a professionally qualified advisor. 

With her, you will talk about how your parents and their mutual relationship can influence your life. It is a tricky and painful topic because your childhood relationship with your parents has a lasting impact on you. Many of you who see their parents struggling with their relationship face issues of understanding and trust. Her insight will help you make peace with the problematic relationships that could not work in the past and go on with life. 


If you are looking for an influencer cum friend, then Natalie Lue is your girl. She will go through the difficult patches of your life like a friend. Sometimes you may find talking about hard things, but sometimes there is a need to confront reality. 

She is not the right choice if you are looking for someone with sugary words, but beware that will take you far away from reality. 


With more than a hundred thousand followers on Instagram, Dr. Lauren Fogel Mersy is yet another influencer on our best relationship advisors list to follow on Instagram. If you are looking for a professional to get a dose of wise words, visit her Instagram page. Her Instagram is a mixture of long and short posts and delving into your emotional states.


A relationship is a kind of account where loyalty and trust are the currency that we deposit, while misunderstanding is the withdrawal that reduces your balance. You can trust this couple for research-backed advice. The Gottman Institute is a research-based approach to relationships that offers information from a scientific and behavioral perspective. 


Relationships can become very toxic and challenging when they are not dealt with appropriately. When the heart is not feeling right, nothing feels good. The festivals look bland, and the ceremonies are colorless. Why? Because there is autumn inside you. You may need a breath of fresh air in those times, someone who can break down the issues into simpler and manageable ones. These influencers will come in very handy in these accounts. 


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