5 Things A Man Should Never Do When Meeting A Woman For The First Time

Want a woman to find you incredibly attractive? It doesn’t take great looks or undeniable charm, simply avoid common mistakes that make men unattractive.

New meetings can cause a lot of anxiety but there is no reason to fear rejection. Sometimes the chemistry just isn’t there, but you have the best chance of impressing women when you’re easy going.


New meetings are meant to be fun. Starting arguments with strangers creates an incredibly unsafe environment for women. It is a complete turnoff.

Men who argue are some of the most unattractive people on the planet.

You might find yourself making a statement or disagreeing with a statement on a topic that you’re passionate about. This is not the time to show that passion. You can have a healthy debate or disagreement which can be stimulating if the topic is of little importance.

Having a specific opinion, even when it differs from your date can be a good thing. It can open new perspectives and you can learn something from each other which makes bonding easier.

The point of the interaction is to gain a better understanding of each other but if you find yourself passionately arguing about a topic or worse triggering the person you’re having a conversation with, you’re failing to connect with them in a meaningful way.

Touch Her Inappropriately

9 out of 10 times, a woman’s body should be off limits when meeting for the first time. You might feel that there is chemistry and attempt to touch her hand but you shouldn’t. Women have the ability of making men feel comfortable quite easily but that doesn’t give them an invitation to touch a woman they don’t know.

Personal space and boundaries vary for everyone, as a man, you have to ask yourself why are you touching this woman in the first place? What are you trying to gain?

When in doubt, ask permission.

Mispronounce Her Name

No one is perfect but the sound of one’s name should be. When meeting a woman for the first time, the best way to impress her is to get her name right. Correctly pronouncing a name that might be unique or unusual to you, is a great way to build a connection.


Any behavior that is typically associated with women such as gossiping is highly unattractive when coming from a man. Everyone knows that both men and women gossip, and laughing about a funny situation relevant to pop culture can be a great way to bond but talking about the dramatic happenings in the lives of others, especially strangers is small-minded.

Complain About Women

Men and women have their disagreements but there is no specific gender to blame for the demise of dating. There are several experts who make their living blaming women for the problems of the world today, a man who launches into complaints about women as a way of getting to know a woman can come across as close minded and insecure.

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