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Do This And You’ll Never Be Late For Another Date

Do This And You’ll Never Be Late For Another Date

Meeting a guy for the first time can be nerve wracking so make a good impression by arriving on time.

The two most important commodities in dating are time and attention. You wouldn’t want a stranger wasting your time so don’t waste theirs by being late for your date. Dating can be difficult if you’re chronically late. No matter how wonderful or believable your excuse is, being late might give your date a poor impression of you.

He may consider you inconsiderate being late could set the tone for an awkward time together.

When you’re on time, you show that you respect your date and you’re considerate of their time. If you plan a date make sure to arrive on time, even if you’re a chronically late person. Yes, your date should understand, because being late happens, but you can avoid being late altogether with the following tips.

You don’t want your date to be disappointed by who they think you are, so plan ahead and ensure you don’t come across as irresponsible by being late for a date with a great guy.


Plan what you’ll be wearing ahead of time. Don’t just lay items on your bed; make sure you try them on. You don’t want any last minute regrets about how you look in your ensemble choice and you don’t want any surprise holes, stains, or snags in what you’ve chosen.

Last minute wardrobe changes can definitely make you late and that’s not a good way to start any relationship.


Whether you drive, call Lyft or Uber, or take public transportation, unplanned traffic delays can make you late for your date. First, verify that you know exactly where you’re going. Map your date location and when in doubt call to confirm. You don’t want to be confused by multiple locations, or a change of venue, so research and confirm the night before that you know where you’re meeting your date and the best route to get there. Give yourself ample time to get gas, call an Uber, or catch your train.

You can also schedule rides ahead of time so you know exactly when you will be picked up for the date.


Dating is a commitment of your time so you should feel excited about it. If you aren’t looking forward to the date then don’t go, otherwise circle the date on your calendar and make it something to look forward. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to begin to get ready.

The moment you convince yourself that your date is no big deal, is when distractions will pop up to make you late. If you look forward to your date, you’ll increase your chances of being on time.


For anyone who is chronically late being early seems like a foreign concept. There are perks however to being early for a date, especially when you are meeting your date for the first time.

First, you can chat up the waiter, bartender or anyone around you. Once your date arrives it will seem like you’re the most popular person in the room. The staff will treat you like they’ve known you for years, offering social proof for your date that’s he’s with an amazing girl.

Next, if you are meeting at a bar you can start a tab. Although the guy is assumed to be paying for the first date, it’s nice to buy a round yourself just as a friendly jester. It doesn’t cost much and it shows you’re independent. Your date will be impressed with your initiative.

Lastly, the benefit of being early is sizing your date up as he walks into the room. Not that you would judge him too harshly, or quickly, but you can tell a lot about a man by the way he walks, and stands. You get to see this man from head to toe and make mental comparisons to his profile picture.


In some cities the logistics of being picked up for a date are impossible. If you’ve met online, maybe you’re nervous about carpooling so quickly. If you do feel comfortable riding along with your date, allow him to pick you up.

Some say that chivalry is dead but it doesn’t have to be. If the circumstances allow, accept the offer for your date to pick you up. This is a great way to arrive on time, have some small talk before your date, and to break the ice before spending the next few hours together.

You have to extend some level of trust and tell this man where you live, as well as be alone with him, but I believe if you’ve qualified him for the date to begin with then you’re in good hands.

The first date can set the tone for the entire relationship so show your date a little respect and do what you can to be on time.

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