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A Letter To My Future Husband: Thank You For Being Obsessed With Me

A Letter To My Future Husband: Thank You For Being Obsessed With Me

If you’re like me, you’ve witnessed a countless number of friends, frenemies and Facebook acquaintances get engaged this year.

While the people you assumed were never getting married or should’ve broken up four years ago were tweeting the dreadful ‘She said Yes’, you might have been thinking as I was, “What the f*ck”?

Now I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t hold marriage in any high esteem or anything.

I might have said once when I was 23 that I wanted to be married by 25 but that dream quickly died, as did my dreams of being cast on ‘The Real World’.

If my very best gay friends, who love each other just as much, if not more than straight couples I know, can’t be unionized legally in most state it’s obvious that love should always be more important than marriage.

Since I don’t remember loving anyone in my twenties I would want to be legally attached to, I don’t sweat the fact that I’m in my thirties and NOT married.

But as a dating expert you realize that, as fun as meeting people and free dinners can be, there has to be an end game.

If you’re going to play the game, there has to be a winner and a prize!

You can’t go through life without a destination, no matter how hard to try. If you date enough, you’re going to want someone to win you over. Eventually.

So as I thought more about the pending marriages I might be forced to endure invited to in 2014 I started to investigate my own desires to be married. I came across a blog post that gave me some clarity.

I’ve read a few, ‘Letters to my future husband’ articles before and they were all too gushy and far too romantic for my taste but this particular piece was very different. Read it here…

It was a different tone and a new message and I dug it.

I decided that writing a letter to MY future husband wouldn’t be such a bad idea. So I’m suggesting that you try it too. It’s an exercise in dating that I think brings the game to an end but not without reward.

I haven’t written my letter yet but the general concept is, “To my husband, you win. I’m the prize. Love, your wife.”

Imagine that you will read this letter to your husband on your wedding day, or at your engagement party or maybe on your honeymoon.

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