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Dating After Divorce For People Over 50

Dating After Divorce For People Over 50

It may feel like you’re starting an adventure when getting back into the dating scene after 50. It can be very different from the dating of your early years, in your 20s or 30s. You may feel out of practice after a long term marriage and would be a little hesitant as to where to begin. With technological advancement, a lot of things have changed from traditional ways of dating to online dating, but the actual facts remain the same. Dating is finding someone and spending time with them to get to know each other.

Before starting to date, you must ask yourself what you want from dating. Is it a relationship? A companionship? Or something validating? After a horrible marriage life, don’t rush into a new relationship before recovering from the old one, as this would be the decision you would regret later.

Be gentle to yourself, give some time to yourself for healing. Just focus on the changes you have in life. You come first, that’s why you should indulge yourself in new activities, meet active people who are full of life and rediscover your goals and wishes. You first need to be emotionally strong to get yourself healthy and to stay healthy. In this way, you will be more happy and confident, which makes you attractive in other people’s eyes.

How to begin dating

At the age of 50, you have new ways to explore in terms of dating, but, before starting, you need to figure out a few things like

  • Did you learn your lesson from divorce?
  • What have I become at the age of 50?
  • What do I want in the future?

According to Completecase, it is very easy to lose everything after divorce, not just physically but emotionally and mentally too. You felt depressed in your likes and dislikes, values and future approaches. Any relationship needs time to start and require time investment and energy as well. Before indulging yourself in any new relationship just figure out your qualities in categories like good, bad, and must-have qualities you possess.


When you start dating, you need to be prepared for many things especially when looking for friendship or a romantic relationship. Don’t waste time on people who are liars, smokers, arrogant, or aggressive. Ask yourself why you would indulge yourself in relationships that will turn into nightmares. Think about qualities you want to invest in, like honesty, fun, listening, and nice looks. The more clear about who you are and what you want makes dating a bigger life version for you.

Common Mistakes

People aged above 50 makes two common mistakes when they start dating

  1. People consider that when they get divorced then it’s good to start the new relationship as early as possible to stay away from bad memories. In this way, you feel pressured to find someone as quickly as possible.
  2. After a long marriage, you become habitual of that lifestyle and require a partner in every discussion and decision. After a divorce, you become lonely and it drives your need to get married as early as possible

Getting into a relationship too soon is the norm and but it also has drawbacks. Learning the art of solitude is time-consuming and patient work. So it is better not to rush for it.

Online dating

Online dating can be terrifying but if you are confident and full of self-esteem then you find it good to start all over again. Online dating is fun and adventurous. It’s easy to simply avoid people who are not of your type and pursue those who are best for you. Online dating brings about good results but better beware of scams. You can be part of a safe community where you can find good and genuine people who can start the dating scene.

Tips for dating after the age of 50

Healing From Past

Divorce can break you emotionally with some bad memories. After such an unhealthy relationship you are preparing for a new relationship free from residual emotions and betrayals. That’s why your healing is very important.

Fresh Start

There is always a new beginning, no matter how hurtful your past was. It’s up to you to learn the lessons from older relationships and leave shame, guilt, and cynicism behind. Build your confidence and pursue the opportunities in front of you. Take the adventures of new dating as a confidence boost.

Don’t talk about your EX on date

While on a date, talking repeatedly about your ex, either negatively or positively, can be a big NO for you, as this may spoil your date. Be attentive to the person sitting next to you and stop having flashbacks. If you want a good start then such topics should be locked and thrown into the sea far away.

No to rebound relationships

Don’t jump to a conclusion quickly. Go on several first dates, then make a choice as to which one is suitable. Going another way around may put you into the same trap that you were before. You won’t fill the space in your life but that doesn’t mean you should rush to fill that space. Even if you may have a new partner to make your ex jealous, but still, it’s not a good idea. Do your research before getting into a new relationship.

Try and Experiment with New Things

If you were away from dating from quite some time then you would notice that it is almost everything that has changed in this line. People are indulging more and more in online dating. This is also a new way to interact and you should try experimenting with new things on others to search for potential partners. Trying new things also allows you to find people outside of your comfort zone. Be willing to study deeper in people, their qualities and characteristics so that you can find the one who is a suitable fit for you.

Don’t Panic and Act Wisely

There is a chance that you may end up venting your frustration, pain, and anger on to the new person. You may want to project your beliefs about dating onto others in compelling ways. But this is not how dating works. Don’t expect them to be the perfect fit for you; they may have flaws and mistakes. You should keep yourself calm when dealing with new people and stop expecting them to be exactly the ones you want them to be.

Don’t Act Like an Interrogating Officer

After a failed marriage, you want to be successful this time. This can create pressure on you. You don’t want to get hurt again. Being extra cautious makes you like an irritating interrogation officer that inquires about every detail of your potential date. The other person may not feel comfortable in such a suffocating environment and things may get worse instead of getting into a meaningful relationship. It is natural that every relationship needs time and energy so be patient.

Build Ways to Enjoy

You must keep in mind that you are dating for fun and peace of mind. Don’t make your fun into a pressured date in the quest of finding a partner. Just find new and fun ways to get to know people so that you may be aware of what your match is. Things need to be sorted out.

This is your New Chapter

You will be hesitant at first but when you start the dating game you will feel good, confident and rewarding. Take small steps, one at a time in the beginning if you need to try new things and avoid getting hurt. When you think it’s the right time then you can jump and opt for the right place because the world is full of good and right people and you deserve to meet them. With a divorce, your life is not over, gather up your self-esteem and start the ride again.

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