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Better Dating Apps For Hookups Than Tinder

Better Dating Apps For Hookups Than Tinder

Dating apps have made it easier than ever for strangers to meet online. While there are many options for casual hookups, Tinder is the most widely recognizable resource for meeting and hooking up with strangers. If you’re open to the idea of a hookup, there are options when swiping left and right.

With a reach of 3.6m visitors per day Tinder’s appeal is volume, ease of use and it’s free to download.

However, it’s not the best option out there to find casual sex, if that’s what you’re looking for. Here’s a look at why Tinder is actually better for longer term dating.

Boosting Self-Esteem

A recent article revealed that that some women use Tinder to boost their egos and self-esteem. They enjoy the social aspect of the app but are not interested in a casual hookup. This makes matching harder for men if you are primarily there for a casual hookup.

In a way, Tinder has replaced the feeling that you get when you meet a stranger in a bar. Women don’t just go out to find hookups but to find someone to talk to. They want to boost their self-confidence, feeling that they’re wanted and desired. When matching with a woman on Tinder, there is no way of knowing their intentions.

When you want casual sex, you need to find a site or app that makes it clear that’s what people are there for. Tin Sex App – the Tinder for sex is one example of this type of app. Everyone signs up with the same idea: they want to find a casual relationship. There’s no need to worry about wasting your time or thinking that maybe a potential partner is there for another reason.

People Are Looking for Love

Tinder, like most dating apps, are a way to meet singles in a convenient way. While the app can initially seem like its set up for one-night stands, it’s really not. A lot of the people who join are looking for long-term relationships. They want to get to know the person they’re chatting with, set up a date and hopefully progress to something serious. There’s also a social aspect to Tinder than there is to most casual hookup sites.

Lack of Transparency

What do people actually want when they look online or on apps for a date? Even with a bio, there is no way of knowing when other singles are open for a hookup. You see a photo of someone that you’re attracted to, and luckily you’ve both swiped right. Once you start a conversation you’re still unsure what their intentions are unless you ask.

There are high chances that you might be looking for different things. You can waste a lot of time talking to those who want a relationship when you just want casual sex. Of course, there are consenting adults out there looking for the same type of relationship as you are, but not necessarily on Tinder.

There is Too Much Variety

One of the complaints about Tinder is the even though there are millions of users there are also too many options. Everyone wants something different. Some of these users just need to ego-boost. They want to feel like they’re wanted. Once they do that, they ghost and you’re left wondering what the point of chatting to them was.

Then there are those who are extremely selective in the people they swipe right on. They don’t want to open up the messaging to everyone, so you need to have something that draws them in. This makes it harder to make connections with the right people.

There will be people there for casual hookups and relationships, while others want exclusivity and commitment. Others just want to chat. You can’t always tell that from a profile picture and short bio. Tinder is such a large app that it makes it hard to determine what someone is there for immediately.

When you want casual sex, you need to go to a site just for that. You know then that you’re definitely talking to others who want the same thing. You’re not going to waste your time with flakes who just wanted an ego boost. You don’t end up on dates with someone who after the second date shares they just want a serious relationship. Tinder just isn’t for casual sex and it’s not the best place to start searching.

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