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How To Boost Your Attraction With Men

Do you feel beautiful when you look in the mirror?

It’s easy to believe that beautiful women attract men but the truth is, confident women attract men.

How many times have you seen a man with someone who isn’t ‘that hot’ but has managed to capture his attention? You could have men showing you the exact same attention by letting go of the image you’re currently projecting.

Men who are masculine are attracted to women that are feminine. You can boost this attraction 100% by learning to embrace your sexuality.

You don’t have to have sex with anyone to embrace what makes you sexy but you have to make it an intention. You have to focus on your internal fire. There’s something inside of you that can lure a man to you that requires no chasing what so ever.

Your job as a woman is to find that spark and ignite it.

First, stop worrying about what you look like to the men you’re interested in. Ask yourself honestly; who do you believe you are? Can you show that person to potential dates? There isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t worry about what they’ll look like in the eyes of the man that they’re falling for or the man they choose to invest their time in. But you can only be seen as who you believe you are. Nothing else.

The problem is sometimes we don’t care about what we’re not until we have to show that we are for a man.

Being financially responsible, sexy, intelligent, neat, and a five-star chef become the top of your to-do list once a man is in the picture. Any trait that men find attractive seems obsolete when you don’t have a man but critical the the moment you begin a new courtship or relationship. All of a sudden you realize, you might have been slacking.

This makes women insecure.

It’s wonderful to meet a man that makes you feel sexy, beautiful, smart and responsible but can you create those feelings for yourself. Can YOU believe that you’re amazing and actually prove it potential dates. If you want to sky-rocket your confidence you have to remember to be complete and well-rounded with or without a man in your life. Learn to come to terms with the truth of what men really want.

If you’re a smart woman, and you know that you deserve the best man for you start being what men want. NOW!

Sexy! Men are visual, men like touch and men like chemistry. Being sexy is about creating attraction with boundaries. Being sexy means being alluring but strong enough to say no to being passive. Men want to have sex. A woman who appears interested in sex yet disciplined enough to make a man earn it, will set herself apart from other women.

Don’t pretend like you don’t know what sex is or that you haven’t had it since season one of the Bachelor franchise. Most women who don’t want to feel sexy have neglected their bodies. They’ve let themselves go in a way that makes them uncomfortable because they know better. Stop ignoring your feminine side. You have what men don’t and you need to appreciate it like a man would. See the beauty of your body.  At least ask yourself why you find it so difficult to be sexy.

What makes you afraid to show a sexier side to the men that you meet and date?

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