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Chasing All Your Dates Away, Your Priorites Might Be To Blame

Chasing All Your Dates Away, Your Priorites Might Be To Blame

It’s my firm belief that if you want to find love, you shouldn’t date. I know it sounds backwards but think about how profound love is and how superficial dating can be. When we meet people and allow them into our lives it’s hardly because of dating.

Co-workers, friends of friends and other close connections are the real source of how couples are formed. Too many singles are waiting for the “one” to come along and they expect to find them through dating. You probably won’t.

You can be honest with me, I know and you know that you think you will know when you find the “one”. The clouds will open up a star will fall over their head as a light bulb will go off in yours. With that kind of clarity and intuition you won’t need to date them to know you like them. You will like them, instantly. Looking back on relationships we can all pinpoint the very moment we knew and they probably had you at hello. That being said why should you date? I’m glad you asked.

Dating takes priorities. When you have goals it’s easier to focus on what you want and not the fear of rejection. If you want a relationship, money or to have sex and it truly matters you won’t waste time avoiding the hard questions no matter how nervous they makes you.

So the following reasons are why I believe you should be dating. If you aren’t enjoying your single life, this list might help.

For Fun

Meeting new people, dressing up and being the center of someone’s attention is fun. The nerves aren’t necessary when you focus on a good time, be it the first date or the fifth. If someone likes you they’ll focus on having fun as well and then guess what will happen. You’ll enjoy yourself.

For Sex

Some people aren’t okay with casual sex, dating allows you get to know the person at least a little before you get into bed and let’s face it, it’s hard to find the right person to sleep with. When you date, it makes sleeping together logical.

To Wear Your Clothes

How many times have you purchased a nice pair of shoes or a shirt with nowhere to wear it? Dates help you put your stiller wardrobe to good use, further more it gives you a reason to build it up.

I can actually think of several other reasons other than love and marriage that you should spend you summer dating.  Understand that when I say dating I don’t mean finding a boyfriend or girlfriend. By dating I mean, meeting new people, going to dinner, movies, live shows, lunch etc. Spending time getting to know someone who you might not ever want to commit to. That’s okay.

So the next time someone asks you out or you consider taking a girl on the town realize that you don’t need their approval love or acceptance. All you want is their company tell you want to have a good time and they’ll likely oblige.

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