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Dating is Like Finding the Perfect Pair of Shoes

Dating is Like Finding the Perfect Pair of Shoes

All women love shoes and when you find the perfect pair, nothing can make you happier. It is the same thing when you are dating, once you meet the right person from all your dates you are overjoyed.

The dating process and finding the perfect pair of shoes are one in the same. When you start dating you should look at it as if you are trying to find a new pair of shoes. Just like you would not buy the first pair of shoes to take home without trying them on to see if they fit, it should be the same thing when you are dating. The first person you go out with on a date, do not try to make it be a relationship because you do not know yet how or if they are going to fit into your life.


It all starts with browsing in the shoe department, you walk around and look at every shoe until you see something that catches your eye. Most of the time we see several pairs that we like, so we try all of them on. We walk around the store with the shoes on to see if they are comfortable, do they feel good and do they look good on our feet. Then we eliminate the ones that do not work and try back on again the ones we really like. While walking around in the shoes we do a mental check, do I already have this color, how many seasons can I wear them and what all do I have in my closet that will look good with these shoes.


Now you have picked the main two and it’s decision time. One of the pairs usually feels better, looks better on your feet, the perfect color that will go with everything and the price is right. After going through this process, you have found your perfect pair of shoes.

Well, dating should have the same process. It starts off with you meeting different guys and everyone that you meet you are not going to want to go out on a date with them. You should pick only the ones you would like to go on dates with to see if you have anything in common with and if you enjoy spending some time with them. You are not going to click with everyone and the ones you do not click with in the very beginning, let them go. There is no reason to continue seeing someone when it is not right for you.

Once you have picked maybe two guys to go out with that you have truly enjoyed, you now want to see which one of them you have more in common with and if they would they fit into your life. Once you see their lifestyles match yours and you are compatible that is when you pick just one and spend your time just dating that one person.


Dating is trying to see what person is the right fit for you …just like out of all those pair of shoes you tried on you must see what pair will fit you and will work with what you have in your closet. When you go into a shoe store you tell the sales clerk what shoes you want to try on, you should tell the people who you meet up front you just want to date. You try on shoes and do not commit to the first pair of shoes you try on; you should not commit to the first person you go out with on a date.

When shoe shopping you try on a variety of shoes and sometimes you might go to several shoes stores before you find the perfect pair. Therefore, it is nothing wrong with dating several people because that is all it is… dates. You are not in a relationship and you are not sleeping with them; you are just going out on dates. And just like shoe shopping can be so much fun, so should going out on dates be just as much fun.

Every date might not be a good date, just like every shoe you see on the shoe display might look great, but not look good on you. Just as you take your time and pick the right pair of shoes, you should take your time to pick the right person for you. Having a great pair of shoes and meeting the right person from a great date…what more could you ask for.


Rose Walker is an author, freelance writer, blogger, speaker, relationship/life/ career coach and the founder and owner of the company Relationship Empowerment Group. Ms. Walker is the author of ‘Flying on the Same Plane: A Guide to Know Who’s Right for You’ and self-published author of ‘The Four Steps of Public Relations and Marketing for Writers’. She is an international published freelance writer in Great Britain with a five-article mini-series on public relations and marketing for writers in The New Writer magazine and has been a contributing writer for The Examiner, e-How.com and currently a contributing writer for My.EzinesArticles.com on coaching and written travel articles for Travelers Writer Exchange, Wave Journey and Women on the Road. Ms. Walker is also a blogger with her own blogs Time2LetGo, Empowering Your Life and Behind the Scenes.

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