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Do This If He Hasn’t Text You Back

Do This If He Hasn’t Text You Back

There is nothing more important in any relationship than communication. Regardless of what stage the courtship is in, whether you have just met, or are in a serious relationship, when a guy isn’t texting you back it’s frustrating. It could be days, or just hours, between correspondence but it’s annoying for many reasons.

First, you want to communicate to make plans. I’m sure you can understand that not everyone has the free time to carry on a long conversation via text. When it comes to making plans, timely communication matters.

Second, it’s disrespectful. It could be intentional or maybe just a brief misunderstanding but when a man seems to dismiss your messages it’s fair to become upset by the slight. What could he be doing that is more important than texting you?

Third, you want his attention. Sending a text is one of the many ways that women ask for attention in dating. When a man withholds that attention it can bring up anxious feelings and cause you to revert to negative memories from past relationships.

Yep, just from one unsent text message.

So what do you do when you like a guy, and he just isn’t a ‘good texter’? When the man in your life doesn’t respond to your messages, whether he is a friend, a crush, or your boyfriend, it can easily make you anxious. The move to make should be one of offense not defense. That means don’t wait until he doesn’t respond to get anxious and wait in vain.

Send him a text message in a a way that compels him to respond, no matter how busy he is.

How do you do that?

Send Texts in 3’s

Have you ever been involved in a text conversation where you’re getting read receipts? As you think the conversation is moving along smoothly, suddenly you notice that the message says ‘delivered’ but not read. For Iphone users this is common, but if you’re not on iMessage you can’t be sure that your message was even received.

The solution is to send 3 timed phrases instead of one long message. It’s easy to ignore a single text but 3 texts in a row is a little more difficult. Sending 3 separate texts will address a few common issues when it comes to receiving messages.

If messages are linked to a laptop or another device, a stand alone message can be read and ignored. Or it can get lost in the shuffle. If your guy is working he might see a single message come across their screen and choose to ignore it. Later, he might not notice it on his phone. 3 messages are harder to ignore.

The second message might not be viewable on an additional device forcing the recipient to check their phone for the complete message. If they are on a phone call for instance, one message could slip through the cracks and go undelivered but not three. Unless you notice your message were not delivered, you can almost guarantee that the person saw your message.

Use a Call to Action

The next trick is to try adding an unrelated question. The phrase ‘by the way’ can work wonders when getting a guy’s attention. Some questions are too general and tough to answer. Sometimes a guy will see your message and assume it’s a statement that doesn’t need a response.

Maybe you’ve asked, ‘how’s your day?’. If the day isn’t over, your guy could easily bypass the inquiry. Asking an unrelated question however activates a man’s need to be helpful and contribute. Suppose your first text is about making plans. Follow up with a different subject like, ‘By the way, how was the soccer game last night?’

It’s much easier to recount events than to assess how you feel in the moment. Maybe his day is just going ‘Ok’, and he has no real response. By asking about something unrelated, that has a definite answer to, can motivate your guy to reply quickly.

Include A Subliminal Phrase

There is something to be said about a human being’s curiosity. When texting a guy, including the following phrases will spark his interest immediately. These types of sentences are called subliminal phrases. Underlying statements that hint to something else.

They are indirect ways of eliciting a response by using a subtle command such as:

  • Remind me to tell you a funny story
  • I need to ask you something, when you’re free
  • Before I forget, I have something to tell you later

These unsuspecting phrases have a way of awakening the curious mind. It makes your guy imagine scenarios of what the story could be and gets him thinking deeply about what you might have to say. The mind loves to create stories. These subliminal phrases are prompts for the imagination. When you definitely want a man to respond to a text include these simple phrases. He is almost guaranteed to do so.

Sending the right text message in the first place is the best way to ensure a response. You can never anticipate what someone is doing when they aren’t with you but chances are if you send the right message, the right way, you’ll get a response faster.

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