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How Dream Analysis Can Change Your Love Life

How Dream Analysis Can Change Your Love Life

Dreams are something that regardless of age, everyone has. It can be dreams about absolutely anything and it is said that dreams often signify our suppressed thoughts, subconscious wishes and things that we often want in life. But often, there might be things that we see in a dream, or even people, or events that have never happened to us before and there is absolutely no possibility that you have imagined for those events to take place in the near future as well.

The Greek physician Hippocrates, also known as the father of modern medicine, believed that dreams were an indicator of disease lurking within the body. Ancient rulers and military minds, including Alexander the Great, Hannibal, and Genghis Khan, made strategic decisions based on interpretations of their dreams. The famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud wrote a book appropriately titled as The Interpretation of Dreams in which he proposed that dreams are reflections of thoughts and feelings that the ego normally suppresses.

Understanding Dreams

Today, beliefs about the understanding of dreams are just as vast as ever: there are leading theories which say that dreams are communication through the brain, and a form of functional data, and are basically conscious or subconscious memories in action.

As human beings, when we wake up from a dream that made us think about it after it is over and we are conscious, it means that the dream had a significant amount of effect on us. It is obviously going to make us extremely curious about why the dream happened in the first place. This is where the role of a dream analyst comes in. But the real question is on, who a dream analyst is.

Scientists have intensively studied brain activity during sleep in order to understand more about the mechanisms behind dreaming. While some functions and processes are still unknown, researchers have been able to glean a lot of information based on the parts of the brain that “light up” when subjects are dreaming.

The limbic area, which is the part of your brain that is primarily responsible for controlling all the emotions you go through, and is the most active part of the brain during any dream. Simultaneously, the part of the brain that is responsible for controlling logic and reasoning, the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, is repressed, which is why dreams that seem perfectly full of logic, while we’re dreaming sound odd when we try to recount them later.

Who is a Dream Analyst?

A dream analyser is simply a person who will take a look at the details that you have seen in your dreams. They will then use their methods of spiritual and dream analysis as psychologists such as Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung have pointed out decades before and they will tell you about any repressed thoughts that might be the reason why you have the dreams that you are having in the first place. A popular type of dream that happens to people is seeing that their teeth are falling off, and this has been said to be an implication of any major change that is about to take place in someone’s life or any self- esteem issues that maybe suffering from. Hence, dream analysts can chart out various other reasons due to which dream analysis is exactly what you need for yourself.

Think of dream interpretation as mining your subconscious for diamonds and you may also find other gems in the process and dream therapy as refining those diamonds into valuable personal treasures and assets.

Though they may not make any real sense to your rational mind, once interpreted correctly, even your strangest dreams and most terrifying nightmares offer valuable messages and insights into your waking world.When closely investigated, dreams can become a great source of healing, wisdom and guidance as well as perfect instigators for change, growth and self-development.Dreams help to shape our lives and by working with our personal dream messages we become active participants in creating our world and what we truly want from life.

Benefits of Dream Analysis

The benefits of dream analysis and dreamwork are varied and far reaching. As a form of therapy dreams hold significant insights into the subconscious mind and interpreting dreams can become an effective tool for self-actualization.

Dream analysis can be most beneficial if you are experiencing recurring dreams, nightmares, working through a life situation or a critical/transitional phase in your life, have a cluster of dreams you feel are related to one another or simply have dreams on a regular basis that you enjoying working through.

Problem Solving

Through intuitive wisdom, many dreams when correctly interpreted offer unique solutions to problems or issues you may be facing in waking life.


Just like having your own inner guru, your dream messages can be a wonderful source of guidance to help you along on your life journey or if you’re feeling indecisive or stuck.


Dreams can provide insight in the most magical way and often with highly unique information and symbology that only you would understand. One of the most powerful benefits of dream analysis is gaining deep personal insight into your waking life and life journey.


Dreams can bring recent or long standing issues and repressed memories and emotions to the surface. By acknowledging and working with these dreams, healing can occur naturally and spontaneously.

Big Dreams

The nature of what Jung called ‘Big Dreams’ or soul dreams can themselves be game changers. These dreams are unique to other dreams in their profundity and often occur during times of personal crisis or critical phases of life. Big dreams are never forgotten and interpreting them can elicit deep emotional shifts, radical changes in perception and abrupt changes in life direction.


Dream analysis can offer much relief to a disturbing or highly emotional dream and/or nightmare. Dreams are not always what they seem and by working with your dream you can gain significant insight into what is happening in your waking life.


There is a plethora of research supporting dreams aiding the learning process. If you are learning something new, literally sleeping and dreaming about your task or project can help with memory retention.

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