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One Thing Men Want From Women

One Thing Men Want From Women

For the last six years I’ve encountered hundreds of men who desperately want women to know the answer to this question.

What do men want?

Women have driven themselves crazy; bending over backwards and jumping leaps and bounds to become what they think men want but the reality is, what men truly want is far less complicated.

Men are not frivolous creatures with no heart or depth but the fundamental thing that they want most, more than your perfect body and your flawless makeup. More than your culinary skills and your intellect above all, men want to have fun and the one thing men want from every woman is for her to be fun.

How To Be The Kind Of Fun Men Like

You’re probably thinking, “That’s it!” I’m tons of fun. But men and women have two totally different ideas of a good time.

So here are four simple ways to be the kind of fun that men like.

Be fun and flirty.

If you don’t know how to flirt with a man you’re missing a core ingredient of sex appeal and chemistry. Men love the allure of a flirtatious woman and appreciate the enticement.

Men love to feel that desire and chemistry that flirting brings. Flirt with men that you don’t plan on dating, or sleeping with because it’s all in good fun. You aren’t sending the wrong message you’re just speaking a man’s language.

Be fun and adventurous.

Nobody likes a stick in the mud. Too often we’re married to the outcome and women can hold on too tightly to plans. Learn to go with the flow and focus on having a good time.

It’s not a man’s job to ensure you’re having fun. It’s your job to be fun. Keep an open mind and think about making positive memories not upholding an image.

Be fun and positive

Have you ever heard the saying, “One bad apple spoils the bunch?” One negative comment can turn a man completely off from you. Yes, just one. Keep a positive attitude, don’t make fun of other people and for the love of God never complain. If you’re not having fun with a guy it’s your prerogative to never see him again but the moments your with him you should have the world’s best attitude. Nothing is that serious.

Be fun and light hearted.

Life is a mirror. You will only get back the energy that you put out there. If your attitude isn’t fun, light hearted and easy going your dating life won’t be easy.

It will always seem as intense and serious as you are. Smile and tilt your head charmingly. Be witty but never argue and stop feeling the need to prove something. Men don’t need any more proof of your value than the smile on his face.

Your presence around a man is the creation of a memory.

If you want him to become obsessed with you and interested in being around you all the time, be a good time to be around. Make the conscious effort to crack jokes, concentrate on complimenting your date and speaking positively.

Smile often and laugh a lot. And if any of this seems like a chore to you or fake, I need you to check your pulse stat.

  • Why are you so serious?
  • Why are you so intense?
  • Why are you so determined to make every moment severe?

Being fun isn’t about being fake; it’s about creating a positive memory that you look back on with a smile. It’s about fostering good vibes and pleasant feelings that make being around you something a guy can’t get enough of.

If a man isn’t stalking you and climbing the walls to be with you again it’s for one likely reason. The last time he was with you, he just didn’t have fun. I hope this was helpful.

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