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How To Find Love Between Zodiac Signs

How To Find Love Between Zodiac Signs

Love Between Zodiac Signs

Did you know that your astrological sign can help you decide whether a person is your best love match?

Some signs match better than others. Compatibility is key to long term relationships. Some signs are fixed, while others are mutable, and others are cardinal. Also, the signs represent the four elements of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. All of these traits help to determine how you operate in life, personality type, and your focus or life’s sense of purpose.

Compatibility Between Signs

You can discover your match and compatibility by zodiac element, qualities, polarity, and your aspects or distance between two signs. All of these can determine how well you work together, where you clash, your similarities and differences, and ambitions.

Your zodiac element is whether or not you’re an earth, air, fire, or water element. It corresponds to your personality which usually your opposite sign will be the better match. Your qualities are your traits according to your sign. This will determine whether or not your partner will have clashing traits, similar traits, or traits that pair together well to support the other. Your zodiac polarity is where you and your partners sign is situated on the zodiac wheel. How far apart you are from each other or if they are your polar opposite or “astrological mirror”, can determine if you bring what the other lacks and bring each other into balance like yin and yang.

Birthdays found near the cusps of each sign (3 days from the end and 3 days at the beginning of each sign) may want to look at the compatibility the sign they are close to as the traits can bleed over. An example is you may have been born on August 20th, a Leo, so you are close to Virgo and may want to check that sign also.

Sign Compatibility

Let’s look at an example of Sagittarius and Aquarius compatibility.

This is a relationship that will be built opposites attracting and finding some common ground to make it work. There may be a fiery passion in the beginning, but Sagittarius doesn’t like to be tied down while Aquarius wants to start a nest. Common goals are the key to a long term relationship.

Aries and Aquarius make an adventurous pair with energy to spare. Creating some alone time is the key to the success of this pairing which may be a challenge since neither sign wants to miss a thing.

Taurus And Cancer is usually a match made in heaven. Both like to nest and appreciate the finer things in life. They make a strong team, but both have a stubborn side which may make it hard to resolve an issue if they don’t agree.

Leo and Sagittarius are a fiery pair that shine like the sun. Both are passionate about their likes and dislikes. They both love the limelight, so sharing may have to be worked out between them so no one feels slighted.

Libra And Gemini is attracted to their pursuit of intellectual goals. There will be many long nights of mind-blowing discussions while sipping on wine by the fire. One-upmanship may lead to discourse, but both like to make-up, so the riff will be short-lived.

Pisces and Scorpio are a pair that is hard to beat on an intuitive level. They can read people and situations on a deep level. While there is a deep passion in this pair, Scorpios like their secrets, and this may make for insecurity in the relationship.

Capricorn and Taurus are both earth signs that respect each other on a soulmate level. They tend to have “death till we part” unions. Both are very loyal but they need to discover if they can be loyal to the same goals.

It is time to check out just who you are compatible with when looking for a love relationship using the zodiac as your guide.

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