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How To Get Girl’s Attention With Facebook

How To Get Girl’s Attention With Facebook

Facebook recently released their dating feature, making it even easier to connect with romantic partners. The way to get a girl’s attention is more than just the unsolicited poke here and there. Use these tips to turn wall comments and pokes into something more tangible

1. Get yourself out there

Up the number of women viewing your page by downloading Badoo, a location-based dating tool that puts your profile in front of nearby women looking for dates. A poll on the app found that complimenting her lips is the surest way to get an offline date.

2. Good morning, darling

To get her attention, and not get lost in everybody else’s afternoon chat, post updates between 8 and 8.15am. Social media analysts Vitrue found morning updates get 39% more responses, increasing the chance of a first-thing flirt over your cornflakes.

3. Album artwork

To make your profile photos count, psychologists at the University of Hertfordshire recommend you include a shot where you’re not smiling or looking at the camera. The research shows this will make women will be 20% more likely to start a conversation.

4. Cut through the noise

Women receive 55% more posts than men. “To shout over that noise, up the frequency,” says Zarrella. Use likebutton.me, which tells you what links your lady friends are responding to. Tailor your posts accordingly and she’ll keep coming back for more.

5. Snap at a bewitching hour

Take your profile photo just after sunrise or before sunset. A survey of photos by dating site DatingAppsAdvice found this can make you look up to seven years younger. Twilight makes you appear more attractive compared to flash photography. Who needs Photoshop?

6. Upgrade your updates

“Pepper your status updates with positive words like ‘perfect’ and ‘joy’” says Dan Zarrella, co-author of The Facebook Marketing Book. It was found to make her 32% more likely to strike up a conversation.

7. Use apps to flirt

Pew Internet Research found turn-based chat in games like Scrabble speeds up seduction, so add them your profile. “Use them to playfully advertise your intentions,” says Dr Steve Booth-Butterfield, who researches the psychology of persuasion.

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