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When Good On Paper Isn’t Good Enough To Find A Date

If you’re like me, you are sick of people asking, “Why are you single?”

True it’s an annoying question in general but more so when you don’t have an answer.  In you’re mind, you’ve done everything it takes to find love. The Dating Truth is: on the scale of compatibility most men and women are just one rock shy of where they need to be. They are perfect on paper but lacking in person. It’s the curse of being good on paper and to tell you the truth it sucks. You have so much going for you based on Eharmony’s 40 points of compatibility but on a real live date, ya got nothin’.

If you have struggled with the question of why you are still single after all of your accomplishments you could be one of the many good on paper singles dating today. So what makes eligible bachelors and bachelorettes so good on paper anyway, GOPs? For one you are single which means available. But there’s more…

You Are Well Liked

Everyone you know is still shocked over the fact that you haven’t found “the one.” Everyone that you know considers you the perfect catch and they love you. You can’t be considered GOP if everyone thinks you’re an asshole. Even if you are, you hide it well. In public Good on Paper people kiss babies and shake hands. Not only are they known for being everyone’s friend they are conscious to be humble about it.

You Are Career Oriented

Lawyer, Doctor, CEO, Financial Planner etc. you name the quality career and they have it. I’m not talking manager at Staples career or head fry chef, (not that there’s anything wrong with that) GOP people have incredible reasons to tell you that they’re busy. Saving the world takes up a lot of time. Not only are they excelling with their career, financially they are incredibly independent. She got her own house, she got her own car… well you  know the rest. Vacations and club seats are how Good on Paper people roll. Everyone wants to be with them yet, they are still alone.

You Are Educated

Top of their class in an Ivy-League University or superstar of their small, notable college that you have never heard of. The same impressive degrees that led them to their even more impressive career paths. You know the one that requires designer suits. Or at least a Banana Republic credit card.

Your Looks Are Important

Either they are ridiculously meticulous about their looks or they are incredibly good-looking. They take care of themselves and that’s attractive. They care about standing out positively and using their groomed and polished demeanor to get ahead socially and professionally. So why are these seemingly perfect people still on the market? With all of their impressive credentials, you would imagine that they’d be the first on the marrying chopping block. Well, we all know it’s the uglies that go first but then, they’re the next up, the GOP’s.

You might even be one yourself and you’re wondering the same question that you find others asking, “Why am I still single?” From my experience there are 3 reasons why those who seem so good on paper are still single. But that’s a post for another time.

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