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How To Meet Someone IRL Instead Of A Dating App

How To Meet Someone IRL Instead Of A Dating App

The path to meeting the right person isn’t always easy. This is why we turn to dating apps to facilitate the introductions that don’t happen in person. You don’t always have the opportunity to meet new people in volume. Sometimes our patterns, habits or lifestyle doesn’t allow for a variety of new faces.

Another challenge is knowing where to meet the right people. Even when the chance to socialize arises, there is no guarantee that you’ll be exposed to your “type”. Networking events, or nightclubs might be breeding grounds for singles, the right romantic crowd might be lacking even when the environment is something you enjoy. These challenges make online dating a great alternative to meeting someone new but they’re not the only way. In this article you’ll learn how to cross paths with potential dates and what to do once it happens.

Speak Up

If you want to meet someone in real life, you’ll have to get used to speaking to a new person every single day. From the janitor, to the receptionist, to a fellow patron in line at Whole Foods, speaking to someone new person daily is the best way to cultivate the habit of openness. Single people erroneously believe that when someone is hot enough, or the attraction is high, it will be easy to strike up a conversation. Just the opposite.

When you come across a person who excites you, the chances of you speaking to them are lessened. Especially if you haven’t had any practice. In fact, you’re less likely to speak to an attractive stranger than a stranger in general.

In order to meet a potential date in real life start creating a new behavior of just speaking to new people. If you are shy, consider this a practice in giving instead of taking.

Yes, shy person, if you’re unable to say hello, or smile at a stranger then you’re not giving anything of yourself. This exercise is essentially an experiment of giving. Practice giving a positive gesture and a hello to someone new everyday. It will soon turn into an invitation for potential dates to speak to you in return.

Spend time alone

Every day we cross the paths of hundreds, if not thousands of potential dates, depending on where you live and work. With the fast paced environments we live in, making a connection is an increased challenge. It’s made harder if you’re in an uninviting environment, such as a group of people. When you spend time alone, you are less intimidating. You are also more aware of your surroundings. And no, you’re morning commute doesn’t count. Not only should you spend more time alone doing the things that you love, you should also feel open to meeting someone as you do it.

One benefit of dating apps, is that they put us in the mood to meet someone one. We open the app with an exception to connect, or be matched with a possible date. When you go out alone, you can put yourself in the same mindset. It’s easier for people to approach you and you’re sensitive to what is around you so you won’t miss cute strangers passing by.

Share more

You can tell someone that you’re single without feeling completely desperate. Many times we meet potential dates, or the people who know them, but nothing happens because we don’t share the fact that we’re single and looking. It doesn’t have to be a desperate cry for attention. Instead of stopping a conversation with brief answers and small talk, share more. Take your answers a step further, and let more people know that you’re interested in meeting someone. Your friends and network should serve as your advocates.

If they know that you’re single, as well as a little more about you, then you improve your chances of meeting someone through the people that you know. Even if people know that you’re single they might not know enough about you to create a match. So share more about yourself, as much as you can and let more people know not only that you’re looking but what you’re looking for.

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