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How To Win The Dating Game

How To Win The Dating Game

Love is a game. Below are the instructions.

Object: The object of Hide and Seek is for the person who is “It” to find the other players who are hiding.

First: Choose who will be “It”.

Play:“It” closes or covers their eyes and counts to 50.  While “It” is counting the other players scatter and find places to hide.  “It” then goes looking for the other players.  When he finds one they are out.

The last player to be found becomes the new “It”

I recently found the instructions for ‘Hide and Seek’ and realized something strange. Adults today are still playing the same game we played as a child. In the same tradition, more people are hiding than seeking. There can only be one seeker, one “It” but only the person who is it, can win.

What was exciting about the game as children is that we were always certain to be found but secretly we didn’t want to be. This is true of adults. We are hiding and on one hand we want to be found but in our hearts we prefer to stay hidden.

You are hiding in love and you know you will be found but secretly you don’t want to be. We live in a duality in dating where as much as we want to be found we are deathly afraid of it.

Our comfort zone is hiding. We want to find someone who will love us but never know us. This is impossible.

When you play hide and seek in dating, you must be the seeker because only the person who is “It” can win the game.

The benefits of seeking are:

  • You aren’t afraid to be found because you are already known
  • You make the choices of where you look, and who you find
  • You are the only one, so you are rare, which makes you special

In this video I share why it’s important to be the “seeker” in dating and not the hider. I explain how to become the “seeker” and how to win the “game.”

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