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When Dating, Believe In The Possibilities

When Dating, Believe In The Possibilities

Every day we hear great advice. A nugget of wisdom or a profound post that sounds good.

It’s motivational and relative but is it applicable? As good as logical advice might sound it won’t change you life unless you believe in possibility.

In order for you to get what you want out of life you first much believe it’s possible. Have you ever received advice on how to improve your business or love life and thought, “I can’t do that.”

Most people tell themselves that they don’t have the time or the money or the knowledge to make a change. They agree that good advice will work but “not for them.” We all agree that success, happiness and love are important but we talk ourselves out of the habits that will get them there.

In dating it can be hard to see what’s possible.

If you’ve been single a long time the prospect of love and connection might be beyond your understanding. You see great looking people and happy relationships all around you but as much as you want it for yourself, many singles can’t see the possibility of having it.

If you smile at more people and you say hello to more people you’re likely to find a potential date. It sounds logical right but you don’t think it’ll work for you. It won’t change your life.

Is it possible that if you applied small changes to your love life they would make a difference? Is it possible that if you updated your wardrobe or your hairstyle it could make a difference?

Is it possible that more people find you attractive that you think you’d only have to talk to them to find out?

The next time you hear good advice or the next time you hear about an opportunity that you think could change your health, your career, your love life, or your finances, don’t just think that it’s a great idea but for someone else. Consider the possibility that it could work for you.

Give yourself consideration. Believe that you are worthy of any investment where betterment is the outcome and know that whatever might be promised is possible for you.

So often we consider ourselves the rule and never deem ourselves as different from others but as soon as we think of what’s possible suddenly we’re the exception.

We tell ourselves, “That sounds like a genius idea, for someone else.”

When it comes to your love life, the possibilities are endless. You can have as much as you’re willing to work for. The only requirement is the belief that you’re worth it.

I hope this was helpful.


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