Home Products Why Men Prefer Male Masturbators For Orgasms Over Sex

Why Men Prefer Male Masturbators For Orgasms Over Sex

Why Men Prefer Male Masturbators For Orgasms Over Sex

Men are having fun now just laying back and allowing the greatest and latest technology to masturbate them. These male masturbators are so versatile and feel damn good on the male genitals which elicit so much pleasure. This therefore offers the men an extraordinary experience that they relish for a long time.

There are a lot of male masturbators in the market that provide different ways of interactive experience that bring superior orgasm to sex orgasms. The following outstanding reasons hold true with male masturbators.

A Satisfying Sexual Experience

With male masturbators, there is always a realistic, textured and ribbed tunnel stimulation on the penis which each thrusting brings and therefore helps the user build up orgasm for a mind-blowing explosion of orgasm.

It can be very thrilling having a stroker on the penis, it will elicit so much pleasure that is quite heavenly. You can imagine using a toy that feels like the vagina, heating it up and maybe, adding some lubricant to the mix. The feeling will be awesome, it will one moment that will be irresistible. The good news is that it will offer a very lifelike feel that would be more overwhelming than sex orgasms.

Ease of Use: 

This is one great reason why male masturbators are better than sex orgasm. They are perfect travel toys, it’s just a matter of popping it in the pocket and enjoying the ultimate ready to go right- now orgasm. The sex toys are simply unwrapping at the destination of use and a little lubricant will be applied, then viola!

One is indulging self in knee-trembling sensations. Sex has never felt this good with the right male masturbators’ orgasm upon orgasm is sure and you don’t have to get it from actual sex with a partner.

Male Masturbators are Versatile: 

Versatility is the watch word when it comes to male masturbators because the toys comes in different models, sizes, shapes, functions, molds and as such getting a hard knock orgasm is sure from them than sex orgasm. Using the male sex toys to massage, stretch, rub, insert will induce toe-curling sensations which will be heightened with the continuous use of them.

The whole essence of having different forms and make of male sex toys is to make more for flexibility and with this will bring unhindered orgasms that will be a lot better than sex orgasms that might not be as strong as when different sex toys were used at a particular time.

Spice Up Activities in the Bedroom:

One of the importances of having male masturbators is to help spice up activities in the bedroom with or without a partner. The male sex toys come in different textures and variations, and as such you will have enough options to choose from and make use of in the bedroom.

Having these toys in tow while making out comes with a pleasure that can’t be imagined. The toys can be used in different angles and ways to stimulate pleasure and it will help in building it up for a while before exploding which most times it isn’t possible with sex orgasm.

Take Sexual Pleasure to a New Level: 

Male masturbators elevate oral sex into realms of pleasure which might not be possible with a sex orgasm. With some of these toys there will be replicating of anal sex, increase in stamina and a lot more intense sexual performance and when all these attributes come into play then there is sure to be an orgasm that will be volcanic in nature. The rhythm of orgasm that will be experienced with using these toys will go a long way of fulfilling one’s fantasies and sexual desires.

Better Ejaculation: 

Male masturbators offer powerful thrusting modes that can effectively be used to have a better ejaculation as one erupts in ecstasy during solo play or masturbation. The toys offer different speeds too that will give the user a whole different kind of realistic sexual intercourse.

Even the telescopic and auto-rotation that some of the toys possess give the users options to choose from and with little adjustment there will be room for better ejaculation. Again, some toys are covered with convex particles which are in different sizes and shapes and all this is to ensure that the cell of the cock is heavily massaged.

Of course, ejaculation comes from buildup of orgasm and these two can only come from great thrusting which is what the toys are essentially molded for. So great orgasms will have been obtained to have a better ejaculation.

Eliminate Boredom and Fatigue: 

It can be boring and tiresome rubbing your hands on the penis for a long time, to arouse it properly to get the kind of explosive orgasm that some men need.

It becomes even more worrisome if one has a partner that can’t stimulate one properly during the masturbating stage but with male masturbators that have different patterned internal sleeves, this is eliminated. With a mode for change in the intensity of pleasure, the toys will bring some vibration which will bring waves of orgasmic pleasure than sex orgasm. Getting unnecessarily tired isn’t part of using male masturbators.


You know by now either as a first time or an advanced male sex lover that having male masturbators in your arsenal is a great addition to your sex toys box. Getting the orgasm you need especially anywhere you find yourself is a welcome development and nothing to be shy about.

You just need some male masturbating toys to complete your male pleasure product lineup. Whether you are a male that is a gay, straight, married, single, playing solo or as a couple you need a better orgasmic pleasure which the male masturbators have got to offer.

With these toys achieving volcanic orgasm is simple, take a few minutes to un-wrap your toy, make it silky with a squirt of lube, firm it up and down stroking motion and have a great time till erupting in multiple orgasms.

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