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Why Women Need Dating Advice More Than Men

Why Women Need Dating Advice More Than Men

I’m intelligent. Some might even say analytical. When I started this blog it was to give men advice on how to seal the deal with women like myself.

I was in the fortunate position to be going on lots of dates with nice, high quality, gainfully employed, intellectual men who were sweet but bored the shit out of me. I tried to calculate how many and stopped once I got close to 200. And yes, that’s a lot. I was a sought after young single, and I loved dating once I became good at it. I wanted to find a good man; I swear I did. So I started a blog to educate men on how to get a woman like me interested in them.

Overtime I realized that there aren’t many women like me.

At first I refrained from suggesting anyone become like me in any way, shape, or form. I’m far from perfect and insanely flawed but I can date, and well.

I’ve met several good on paper men who felt like I fit their ideal wife mold.

Why was that?

What did I have, what was I good at, why did I seem so appealing to the men I’ve gone on dates with?

I could teach you but I’d have to charge.

I kid.

What I’ve come to realize is that giving advice to men is easy. Most men who want help take it when it’s given to them. The men I’ve given advice to were willing to apply it as soon as possible. And the truth is, men have adopted the idea that since they approach women, they are in control.

The men who have the guts to go after quality women typically get them because they have confidence.

Women on the other hand aren’t so secure. Even when wonderful men approach, some women find it incredibly difficult to recognize what a man has to offer and some women are still chasing after that tiny percentage of “eligible bachelors” as the rest of the single female population.

Good luck with that.

Whether it’s a fact that women need dating advice more than men, I believe that women deserve it. For one reason, I’m a woman.

When I hear women talk about dating, the thirst and desperation that sometimes pours out is astounding. Men are winning the dating game only because women refuse to play it.

And there is nothing wrong with the game, its fun.

I once read about a study done that found women more apologetic when writing pitch letters to magazine editors. Women are constantly apologizing for other people and things we have absolutely no control over. Guilt plays a large role in why women have trouble dating successfully.

Women are hard on themselves.

We call ourselves, and each other, awful names and we feel inferior for reasons no one can define.

I can’t say for sure that women need more dating advice than men but women surely do need better dating advice. I read the Internets often for the most current information about dating and there are several concepts being regurgitated over and over. If you’re not good at dating who care whose fault it is, don’t you just want to be better?

I feel anyone and everyone can be great at dating. There’s nothing stopping singles from finding the “one” or their person, just the belief about how it’s done.

It’s the method in which men and women go about trying to find their partner that fails.

Whether you’re male or female, if you need dating advice I have lots for you but I recognize that sometimes it has to be gender specific to work.

If you’re a male reader, I appreciate your support and I’m not abandoning men all together. I know that single men and women have it in them to build their confidence, find their joy and date happily.

That’s what dating is really about, that’s the only advice worth giving. Get happy. How you do it might take a little work and lots of advice but you never want to not to do it.

It’s the only advice I have and I’m going to keep finding creative ways to share it until it finally sinks in, for men and women.

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