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How To Make A Good Impression In Dating: Don’t Seem Broke

Despite what many people believe money is not an important factor in dating. In fact, the lack of money is a driver to go out and date more. You don’t need money to find love. If you don’t have a lot of money, then that’s a good thing. But the challenge is separate who you are with what you have.

Whether you’re looking to be asked on a date or you’re the one doing the asking, the impression you send makes a world of difference. There are certain impressions that you just don’t want to give off. You don’t want to send the impression that you are broke. In this post, I share how to avoid coming across a broke, or cheap, when funds are low when dating.

Be Self Aware

The biggest advantage to any single man or woman is self-awareness. Faced with the challenging task of setting ourselves apart, self-aware singles know how to play up their assets and tone down their weaknesses. This is not for superficial reasons.

Being without money, funds or assets could be the result of numerous circumstances. None of which will be evident to a potential date. Since there is probably no opportunity within your initial meeting, to explain to a date why you’re currently in a state of poverty, this stranger should have no idea that you are.

Any signs of being low on funds could mean that you are irresponsible, especially with money. It could also mean that you spend money to fill voids in your life. You could have issues with dependency, all of which are red flags in dating. When you are meeting strangers it should never be their burden to deal with your issues.

Plus, most people hide that sh*t. If you are putting it on front-street for the world to see it could mean that you are content with your situation and have no intentions of making improvements. Another red flag!

Avoid Negative Language Around Money

The wealthy have an old rule that they never talk about money, it’s tacky and trite. All of us should live by the same standard. You want to avoid calling things expensive.

Different people have different values and ideas of what is considered expensive. When you make that statement it implies that you may not be able to afford the cost. Even when you do mention that an item is expensive follow up by saying, “But I don’t mind” or “You have to pay for quality.”

I can’t stand when I go to dinner with a man and all he can talk about is how expensive everything is. It’s a thought that is best kept away from first impressions.

Understand that in brief encounters, as most first meetings are there is little room for explanations. No one wants to hear them. Why you have six jobs or share a one bedroom apartment with your mother is of no one’s concern. That’s too personal of information from, “Hello, my name is.”

Imagine yourself in a grocery store or in line at Target. When you strike up a conversation with an appealing stranger why should you be talking about student loans and credit card debt? You shouldn’t! Now, if you’re card gets declined, before you get their phone number, that’s a different story. “Then Lucy, yoos got some s’plainin to do.”

Be Optimistic

What you should do is shift the focus away from the idea that you aren’t as financially set as you would like to be. Just because your finances aren’t in perfect order doesn’t mean you can’t date. That’s okay. The point is for you to know that, not the person you are pursuing and certainly not right away.

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