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10 Great Ideas for a Romantic Date

10 Great Ideas for a Romantic Date

First dates are meant for getting to know each other. The aim of a second date is to impress and surprise. With every next date, the list of ideas gets shorter.

Many guys find themselves racking their brains over a new place for a romantic date already after a second rendezvous. If you don’t know where to take your girlfriend out on a date, here are some ideas for you prepared by Ukrainian Brides.

1. Bowling

This is one of those date ideas that will work for any date. It’s a perfect place for a first date as well as further ones. A casual atmosphere will create greater intimacy and facilitate your communication. If it’s the first time your date goes bowling, you’ll have a lot of fun.

2. Horseback riding

Take your girlfriend to a local horse farm and take a guided ride or just rent horses for your couple. She’ll remember this date for good. Make sure that the farm provides necessary outfit in advance.

3. Flea market

Many people go to flea markets and thrift stores in searches of some brand items. You can also turn your date into a quest. You shouldn’t necessarily buy something, just walk along the rows of different stuff, gazing, rummaging, and demonstrating each other what you found.

4. Amusement park

It’s very important to get childish with your loved one at times. An amusement park is the best place to do that. Eat cotton candy, make faces in the photo booth, and add some extreme to your date by riding the Ferris wheel or roller coaster.

5. Stadium

Go to a sports game and takes sides or support one team. Don’t keep your emotions to yourself. Do what other fans do: judge, share your thoughts, scream, and enjoy the game.

6. Theater

If you know that your girlfriend is a theater-goer, get tickets to the first night. The atmosphere at the theater is always festive and romantic. Dress up and spend the night watching a spectacular performance together.

7. Picnic

Rent bicycles, pack up a blanket and some snacks and go on a picnic for two. Sharing a meal with your girlfriend in the open air after cycling – isn’t it romantic? Let your date know where you’re going so that she can dress accordingly.

8. Zoo

Visiting a zoo is great alternative to a stroll in the park. When did you go to the zoo last time? Probably, in your childhood. Awaken your inner child watching cute animals. You can also feed some of them. Zoo is a perfect place to share your childhood memories and keep up a casual conversation. Also, there are food stands and carts so you can get a snack once you feel hungry.

9. Outdoor cinema

If it’s a warm season, you can watch a movie at the outdoor cinema. Surf the Internet to get to know where open-air cinemas can be found in your area. Wrap yourselves in plaid and watch a romantic film sitting or lying next to each other.

10. A dance class

When you do something together you become more connected. When you do something you’ve never done before, it draws you even closer to each other. Think what activities could be interesting for both of you and take a masterclass. You can try your hand at dancing, drama, or pottery.

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