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The New Tinder Feature That Could Ruin Your Love Life

The New Tinder Feature That Could Ruin Your Love Life

Tinder is starting to suck.

I’ve been a fan of Tinder as a platform for a long time, both as a single woman and a relationship writer. Most dating experts recognize that Tinder, and similar apps are made for meeting new people. Most apps don’t want you to find love.

Tinder understands that if you have fun using the app, you’ll be a repeat user but if you find love.

Whoa, then you’ll never come back and worst, you’ll take another user with you. Tinder wants you to meet strangers, take it offline then rinse and repeat. Even though I know Tinder is anti-relationships, its latest feature is still a HUGE slap in the face for anyone looking for one.

Why is the new ‘Recommend to a friend’ feature bad news bears? It attracts new users who aren’t single. Men and women that are already in relationships have been dying to “check out” Tinder since it launched. Some have been bold enough to create profiles, while others just swipe vicariously on a friends account. Now, with the guise of sending matches to their desperate, lonely, and single friends who are either too busy or too clueless to swipe for themselves, Tinder will be invaded with the worst kind of people: VOYEURS.

I predict a new influx of attached singles downloading Tinder, creating incredibly enticing profiles, and disappointing many legit singles who have unknowing swiped right on someone who is just “swiping for a friend.”

False, they’re desperate to see how the other half lives. So why would Tinder allow such disrespect? Because they want users. The need everyone to be on Tinder, which isn’t really possible unless they give them a great excuse.

What’s better than the ability of those in relationships to say, “I’m just here for a friend.”

The wingman is always more attractive because he has nothing to lose. They are unnaturally confident because they aren’t the ones risking rejection. Your coupled friends will start sending you matches while in reality browsing their options. I predict attached men and women will become more active than single users because they can enjoy the best of both worlds. They can peruse Tinder without repercussions, while checking how green the grass really is on the other side of the fence.

So what’s your best defense?

Screen Profiles Carefully

If you’re serious about meeting someone relationship worthy, you should always read the profiles and write a compelling one of your own. A person who isn’t invested in Tinder may skip creating an official bio. Also, maybe they’ll be honest enough to state why they are on the App in the first place.

Ask More Questions

If you’re not sure that someone is single, just ask. In fact, asking about a person’s relationship status should be quid pro quo for online dating. If haven’t made it asking a strict practice, start. I believe dating should be a social activity. If I was heading product at Tinder, I would allow more options to encourage engagement. The one thing I wouldn’t do however is open the door to anyone who might be in a relationship.

Hopefully with the new surge of users they’ll add a disclaimer: swiping for a friend.

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