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10 Questions to Ask a Potential Boyfriend

10 Questions to Ask a Potential Boyfriend

Dating can go either way but regardless of the outcome, it is always thrilling and a bit intimidating. Meeting a person that could potentially be your boyfriend is one step toward getting to know them. This is why you need to ask some questions, and the right questions. You cannot overwhelm the person with too many questions, not if you want to have a great time. This is why I’ve come up with a list of some great ideas for questions to ask a potential boyfriend.

1. Are You Seeing Anyone?

This is the obvious question and yet, many people don’t ask it nowadays. Don’t just go assuming that your partner isn’t dating anyone else just because he asked you out on a date. You might end up being surprised by the answer, even if it is a no. Perhaps your new partner will decide to enclose some personal information about his current or past relationship status. He might say: ’I just got out of a serious relationship’, which is useful information to know about a future boyfriend.

The longer you wait to ask this question, the harder it can get to actually ask it. It’s best to get this information out in the open as soon as possible since starting a new relationship on an unclear ground is never a good idea.

I remember when I spent two months dating a guy when I constantly forgot about deadlines for school because of the pressure, and I had to hire a paper writing service to do all my papers just because I was too carried away. Instead of torturing your pretty head wondering whether or not you’re the only partner this person is dating, you need to take a direct approach and ask. This way, he won’t be able to avoid the question, and you’ll get your answer without having to worry about it.

2. What is Your Biggest Goal in Life?

This is an amazing question to ask a potential boyfriend. The answer will reveal a lot about the person. Their answer will tell you how responsible or independent he is, what he is passionate about, as well as how ambitious he is. Of course, if you are young, the answer might be vague and you might not get any detailed answer after all. But, this might prompt a fine conversation about the future and give you a peek in the thoughts of your future partner.

There’s literally no better indicator of who you’re getting into a relationship with than watching them light up about things they are passionate about. For example, I’m passionate about math and I hate writing. My biggest goal is to become a mathematician and to find a great service that will always do my writings for me. Thankfully, I’ve found a nice source – you should check these top resume reviews if you’re dealing with the same problems.

3. What Would You Like to Be Doing 5 Years from Now?

Keep in mind that he might not know the answer to this yet. Many people don’t stop to think where they’d want to be five years from now. But, it’s a great topic for discussion. This will also teach you about the person’s passions and ambitions. It will tell you what he is doing to get where he wants to be. You can follow up with questions about his education, his work experience, as well as his plans for the near future. Your options are limitless.

4. If You Can Do Just One Thing Forever, What Would It Be?

This speaks about passions and priorities, and it is quite an interesting topic. For me, it would be travelling. If I am given the chance to choose and the funds to do it, I’d like to travel forever and see all the places in the world. This says a lot about me as a person. With the right UK assignment help on my side and the right guy next to me, I have been able to enjoy this passion, and it all started by telling what was my potential boyfriend at the time what my biggest passion was. Guess what? It was his biggest passion, too!

5. Do You Have Many Friends? What is Your Social Life Like?

Who a person hangs out with can tell you a lot about their personality. This is important since if you become his girlfriend, you’ll probably have to meet his friends on occasion, if not frequently. The people in your boyfriend’s life become your people too, which is why you should ask this question.
This question will also tell you if your partner is an introvert or an extrovert. You don’t have to be the same, but at least you’ll know if you are interested in your partner’s lifestyle right away.

6. Who Is Your Role Model?

The answer to this question will be very telling of the potential boyfriend’s morals. The role models are people that have had some influence in our lives, but also people that we aspire to become. By asking this simple question, you can understand what he sees as great and worthy of admiration. You can expect him to strive to become that person. Even if he doesn’t succeed in it, you’ll know where his morals and expectations lie.

7. What is Your Favourite Weekend Like?

The answers to this question are always fun. Some people decide to speak of a memorable weekend they had with friends or family. If the person is a loner, he’ll tell you about a peaceful weekend where he got the time all for himself. Others choose to describe weekends that haven’t happened but are their ideal idea of a great time. Regardless, this is a great way to learn about his passions, not to mention that it will give you a great idea about how to surprise them if the need for it arises in the future.

8. What Do You Do? What’s Your Favourite Thing about It?

The research by HR software shows that There are many questions that you can ask when it comes to his work. If your potential boyfriend is working, talking to him about his work shows that you are interested. But more importantly, it will tell you how dedicated and responsible he is, and what he likes. He may or may not like his work, but talking about it will tell you what his passions are and whether or not he is a good and dedicated worker. If the person is responsible and dedicated, it’s great news for your potential relationship.

9. Who Are You Closest To in Your Family?

Asking about his friends is one thing, but asking about his family takes the conversation to a closer, more personal level. It will not only reveal information about his family and the circle where he’s grown and lived, but it will also tell you who he praises the most and why.

By asking this question, you’ll learn who from his family is his role model. You’ll learn what his relationship with his parents is, as well as whether or not he is close to his siblings. A man’s connection to his family is a great indicator of how he handles his personal and close relationships. After all, that’s what your relationship might become like. Not to mention, a lifelong partner becomes family after all.

10. What Do You Do When You Don’t Get What You Want?

We all deal with disappointment differently. Some decide to move on instantly, others get really angry and maybe even somewhat aggressive, and others keep pushing until they get what they want. This is all part of a person’s character. Asking this question will tell you what kind of person you’re getting into relationship with. Of course, they might not tell you directly or honestly, but the answer will show you if he is confident, flexible, angry, or innovative.

The bottom line

Dating is fun and memorable, especially if the person you’re meeting becomes your boyfriend. This is the time when things are new and you get to meet the person, really meet him for the first time. There’s just one first impression and it often determines the future of your relationship. You should ask some questions to get to know the person you’re getting into a relationship with. But, the most important thing is not to turn this into a mission. Have fun – that’s what dating should be like. If you get too involved in learning everything all at once, you’ll be seen as aggressive and probably won’t have a great time that a new date can offer.

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