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5 Ways To Accelerate Spiritual Attraction And Find A Soulmate

5 Ways To Accelerate Spiritual Attraction And Find A Soulmate

You’re not alone in this world. Believe it or not, there’s someone out there waiting for you, and you can connect with them romantically, platonically, and spiritually – they’re your soulmate. And the amazing thing about this is that you can easily find your soulmate by using the secret Law of Attraction – a universal law that lets you attract things that you want by simply thinking about it. Therefore, it’s that easy to find the one that you’ve longed for.

Here are five things to do to speed up your soulmate search when using the Law Of Attraction:

1. Raise Your Vibrational Frequency

“The very first step for the Law of Attraction to work is to increase your vibrational frequency,” says Melvin Perry, a business writer at Last Minute Writing and Writinity.

Vibrational frequency is what strengthens the Law of Attraction. It’s like having your own personal Wi-Fi bar, but even better, since you can have this connection anywhere and anytime you want.” So, how can people raise your vibrational frequency?

“You can raise your vibrations in many ways,” says Perry. “Those ways include meditating from time to time, sticking to positive thinking, or by just being happy.”

2. Acknowledge Your Behavior, Thoughts And Feelings

Sometimes, we like to deny our faults or our undesirable behaviors, and think that nothing is wrong with ourselves. However, not acknowledging your faults and undesirable behaviors might be hindering your Law of Attraction. Even your thoughts and feelings can affect your ability to spiritually attract you to your soulmate.

The ego can definitely get in the way of things, because it makes the thoughts and feelings grow sour. When you acknowledge your thoughts and feelings, and keep your behavior in check, attracting your soul mate will become easier for you.

3. Imagine The “Ideal” Soulmate

Once your vibrational frequency is up and running, create a list of what you want in a soulmate. The more detailed your list is, the easier it is for the universe to give you exactly what you want. So, make sure that your list is as detailed as possible, so that the universe knows what your soul wants out of a person.

List everything you want your ideal relationship to be. Don’t focus on eye color, hair color, or waist size. Consider these important aspects of the relationship:

  • how you feel with your soulmate
  • what the two of you do together
  • common morals, goals (life and financial), and habits
  • if you possess similar or compatible parenting styles
  • affectionate and supportive
  • integrity and honesty
  • dependable, self-reliant
  • whether or not you two want kids
  • emotionally available
  • sense of humor
  • respect
  • good communication

Some questions to ask, too:

  • Is the relationship fulfilling?
  • Are you two happy together?
  • Does your relationship inspire others?
  • Do you two bring out the best in each other?

4. Learn What You Need To Do First

Now, you’ll need to create another checklist – this time about you. What do you need to do before you enter a relationship with your soulmate? If something is valid (like cleaning your house), do them, so that you can be ready to manifest your soulmate. If it’s not valid (like writing a book), don’t bother with it – while it’s desirable, it isn’t something that can keep you from your soulmate.

5. Be IN The Relationship

“The biggest problem in trying to find a soulmate is feeling that you’re lonely, and that no one wants you,” says Cassandra Oliver, a marketing blogger at Draft Beyond.

“If too energy is put towards worrying that you haven’t found your soulmate yet, the more obstacles you’re creating that’ll keep you from reaching that goal. Instead, try to pretend that you don’t need to find love. Or, you can pretend that you’ve already found that special someone. If you do that, you won’t be worried whether you meet anyone new or not. Live your life with love and appreciation, and don’t focus so much on what you’re lacking, which might be a soulmate.”

Finding that special someone in your life isn’t really as hard as you think. Hopefully, this article will better help you in your search for your soulmate. By using the Law of Attraction, you’ll find it easy to connect with the special person that you’re looking for.

Just keep your vibration high, remain open to change, and continue to work towards manifesting your soulmate. Your soulmate will come!

Victoria Munson writes for Liverpool Essay Writing Service and Gumessays.com, and guest-contributes to Research Papers UK. As a business reporter, she writes about current events, and helps readers understand the news by analyzing and interpreting the information. She also has a passion for digital marketing and technology trends.

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