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10 Signs That Say You’re High Risk to Have an Affair

10 Signs That Say You’re High Risk to Have an Affair

It is common to hear from people who’ve had an affair to say that it simply happened. That they themselves feel like the affair came out of nowhere sweeping them off of their feet. The above can be true, because it is often the case that affairs start from something innocent like a dinner appointment, just talking to someone longer, or smiling at someone from across the room.

So how do you know when you should be worried and catch yourself before things get too serious? Find out the top 10 signs that you’re at risk for an affair, from the private investigators who catch them!

1. You enjoy making eye contact with someone who isn’t your partner.

Eye contact is a pretty intimate act. When you enjoy making eye contact with someone, ask yourself why and if you should keep doing it.

2. You begin lying about where you’ve been or where you are currently.

The reason behind this is simple. When you begin lying about where you are or have been, it’s either your current relationship is on the rocks, or that you’re hiding something you’re not yet consciously aware of.

3. You’re not sure about your current relationship status.

When you hesitate to describe yourself as committed, it reveals that there are communication issues and that things might be complicated. It is not difficult to cheat if you don’t think of yourself as in a relationship, in the first place.

4. You enjoy touching someone else.

This can be a flirtatious brushing against someone or a more direct outward touch, but the fact is, you enjoy physical contact with a special someone who isn’t your partner. Touch is a powerful communication tool and can create attraction as well as physical bond. It might not be long before you find yourself doing more than a harmless touch.

5. You start changing in a very noticeable manner.

Perhaps you’ve always been a home buddy and now you find yourself going out alone or with friends more. Or that you’ve suddenly begun actively searching for a new hobby. There are many reasons for this and one can be because you’re unconsciously looking for a way out, or that a new person is influencing the changes you’re experiencing.

6. You begin altering your physical appearance.

A change in the manner of clothing or style can mean that you’re either trying to catch someone else’s eye or that you’re craving a change in your life. This is a highly volatile time that can put you at direct risk of having an affair.

7. You go on quick drinks and lunches with a special someone who isn’t your partner.

Sure, you can keep telling yourself that the other person is just a friend, but if your motivations and feelings aren’t professional or platonic, you may be unknowingly moving the pieces to take the relationship to the next level by creating opportunities for it to thrive.

8. Your mood is off the charts when you’re with your partner.

If you find yourself becoming increasingly moody, it can be a sign that you’re experiencing an internal struggle about having feelings for someone you’re not supposed to have special feelings for.

9. You talk to the other person more than you do to your partner.

This is because you’re finding yourself more at ease and connected with this other individual. Before you know it, you might find yourself sharing more than just words.

10. You’re secretly messaging or calling the other person.

You’ll know that something is going on when you’ve begun hiding your communications with the other person because you know for a fact that it isn’t about being friendly anymore. Before things get out of hand, make sure to do your best to stop yourself from doing the signs listed in here.

Think hard and consider the consequences. Ask yourself if a relationship with this person is what you really want and whether you are ready to let go of your current relationship.

Michael Porter is a relationship blogger with Haywood Hunt and Associates Inc. They are a premium, full-service private investigator firm with offices located in Toronto and Mississauga Ontario Canada.

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