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10 Things You Will Learn Dating a Colombian

10 Things You Will Learn Dating a Colombian

If you are dating a Colombian, then you know how fantastic and unique this experience can be. However, if you just began or want to begin dating them, then you likely need some good advice.

Here are some of the main lessons you will learn when dealing with your Colombian partner.

They are very in touch with their emotional side

Colombians are generally an emotional bunch, and their women are the most sensitive of them all. Do not let the strong and confident exterior fool you. When they love, they do so deeply, genuinely, and unapologetically. It will almost inevitably rub off on you.

PDA is non-negotiable

Public displays of affection are more or less cemented as a part of the Colombian dating culture. You will have to get with the program if you choose to date someone from this region.

Don’t worry; no one will be pushing you into the devil’s tango in the middle of town. But hugging, kissing, and holding hands are certainly expected and welcome.

There is some truth to the feistiness stereotype

You have probably heard about Latin people’s feisty and short-tempered attitudes, especially of people from Colombia. While it is often an inaccurate generalization, people from Colombia almost always live up to these expectations.

They are loud and proud, and trying to calm them down will only get you into trouble. Just ride the wave – because luckily emotions come and go.

Passion is the name of the game, and they come to play

Whatever a Colombian girl or guy puts their mind to, they do it passionately. That includes you and your bedroom escapades together. A Colombian will likely make you wait and earn it. However, the wait will be more than worth it as intimacy is one thing these beauties do well!

Dancing isn’t as hard as you thought

Colombians love to dance. And why wouldn’t they when they are so good at it. It is pretty much expected of you to play along and keep up with them on the dance floor. Fortunately for all our two left-footed friends, Colombians are fantastic dance teachers, and you will be vibing to cumbia, vallenato, and reggaeton in no time.

Family will always come first

Family is a huge deal in Colombia, which is something you will learn pretty quickly when dating someone from the country.

The girls are particularly close with their family members, who you will inevitably have to impress if you want any hopes of sticking around in the long run. Fortunately for you, their families are quite loving and welcoming and will make you feel right at home as long as they can trust your intention with their precious girl or boy.

Spanish is the sexiest language

Spanish has, for a long time, been hailed as one of the sexiest languages and accents. If you ever doubted it, then this is your chance to convert to a believer. There is just something about how those “Rs” roll off the tongue and those syllables are enunciated that will mesmerize you.

Chivalry has no business being dead

Colombian women have very high standards for their men. They love to be treated like queens, which means extravagant displays of affection and, most importantly, acts of chivalry. So, open that door, guide her to the dance floor, offer her your jacket – do whatever it takes to make her happy.

You can have more than one favorite food

Colombian cuisine is simply out of this world. From empanadas and tapacones to bandeja paisa, your taste buds are in for the treat of a lifetime. The best part is that Colombians love to cook, so you get to enjoy authentic and homemade versions of one of some of the best food on the planet.

You can handle a lot of noise

Colombians can be very noisy, especially when they are around friends and family or when they get excited. Don’t try to shush them as this will only embarrass them and make them hide their beautiful personality. If you can’t match their energy, then just sit back and take it all in. It is genuinely the most endearing thing!

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