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Has Covid-19 Improved Online Dating Sites?

Has Covid-19 Improved Online Dating Sites?

Let me guess, you think online dating sucks. There are too many options, too many flakes, and no one looks like their profile photos. Before the coronavirus these were the most common complaints of online daters.

When the pandemic struck on a global scale fear struck the heart of singles everywhere for various reasons. As the months past the dating industry began to adjust in some surprising ways. It’s yet to be determined if more matches were made during Covid-19 than prior, although data has shown record signups for many dating apps (more on that).

There is no doubt that dating sites and apps have used this time in history to make new improvements to their products that benefit the user.

Voice Notes and Video Dating

Don’t have time to date?

Before the pandemic many singles viewed going on too many dates as a ‘waste of time’. Yes dating is a numbers game but one of those numbers is 24, meaning hours in the day. If you have limited time, you certainly don’t want to waste it on a bad date.

More apps have emerged to make video dating and sending voice notes easier. So you can get to know your date before connecting with them in person or off of the app.

Many experts suggest that you should jump on a phone call before you plan to meet up with anyone online. There are many benefits to a phone call, one being it shows interest and investment. Why waste time meeting up with a potential date who isn’t interested in having a conversation to measure compatibility. Anyone who has ever been on a date with someone they met online knows that it can at times be awkward. Sending voice notes, video notes, or jumping on a video date beforehand makes dating more personal.

New products have emerged to make video dating easy and Bumble includes a voice note and video note feature that helps you better gauge if someone is right for you.

These features can be used to introduce yourself, make plans, and create a better impression by giving more depth to your profile.

More Users than Ever

Because dating is a numbers game the amount of users on any given app or dating site is incredibly important. Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge are just a few sites that have seen a significant increase in signups since the start of the pandemic. This isn’t surprising considering the closure of many bars and restaurants and the cancellation of many events, concerts, and festivals.

Online has become the number one place to meet a potential partner and more singles are taking advantage of this. While options can be a good thing… too many options can make online dating competitive and exhausting. One thing to remember is that the same people online are the same people in the real world.

Once the real world was brought to a halt by the coronavirus, many singles chose online dating as a way to stay connected and active in the dating world. If you lived in a city where you started to see the same familiar face with every swipe, you were probably pleasantly surprised to see an influx of potential dates post March, 2020.

More Commitment Minded

It is yet to be seen if the number of relationships created will increase due to the global pandemic but one thing is true – daters have become more intentional. The idea that you might go on a date to kill time or for a free meal was jettisoned due to mass closures of bars, restaurants, and movie theaters.

The data has not proven so yet but it seems that more singles are taking the time to vet their dates and pursue something serious rather than just filling up their social calendar. They are also being more cautious for health reasons and less likely to engage with someone casually due to the high risks.

It is yet to be seen how dating will change in the years to come but so far the boost to online dating and dating apps has created a new culture of interaction due to Covid-19.

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