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Can You Really Find Love On Tinder?

Can You Really Find Love On Tinder?

A whopping 39% of couples attribute their relationship to meeting online. It seems that dating online has some upsides, especially if you don’t have access to a large pool of ideal candidates in your area. The assumption that everyone is swiping in the big city discounts how much value dating apps can add to suburbanites. If you’re looking for love, should you turn to Tinder?

Are you Looking for love?

The reality is that Tinder has the reputation of being a ‘hook-up’ app. Maybe you aren’t the hookup type but this isn’t a label that has stuck by accident. You have to decide if the person you are looking for, is actually using Tinder. If you are looking for love, then Tinder can give you a really quick and easy process to weed out candidates who aren’t as serious as you are. Match, chat, and possible block if they don’t seem to be on the same page. No harm, no foul.

Are your pictures appropriate?

The UI, user interface, design of Tinder makes it imperative to have high resolution photos. If you are going to use Tinder to look for love, it’s best to invest in professional photographer. This might sound expensive but consider a few factors before you calculate cost. Affordable photographers can be found on apps like Snappr. If you are using Tinder for free is it worth it to invest in yourself? And can you use the photos for other purposes such as Linkedin, or professional branding.

Is your bio positive?

Are you leading your bio with who you are looking for or what you are not looking for? The goal of any dating app is to attract the right person with an attractive profile. You want to tell the entire story with a photo and well-written bio. Check for spelling mistakes, and errors but more importantly scan for negativity. In the last few decades the personal ad has all but disappeared. What Tinder is recreating is the modern day version. Back in the day, the ad would start with in search of… So what are you looking for? Being clear about who you want to attract and not who you want to avoid will bring the right fish into your virtual pond.

Are you making matches?

Tinder wants your attention. More importantly, Tinder wants your data and the best way to take advantage of the service is to make matches. This means not only swiping on who you like, but being open minded and swiping on who might like you. The more popular Tinder thinks you are, the more options people Tinder will present to you. Oddly, many singles are afraid of being judged by their ‘tastes’ so they only choose those who they would actually find attractive in real life. The truth is this; no one cares who you swiped on except your match. If you made a mistake just unmatch, no hard feelings. Swipe with reckless abandon, knowing that part of the game is to make matches. You don’t have to message them all.

Are you screening properly?

Most singles wait until they are on the date, to screen their date. This is a waste of time. The best way to find love on Tinder is to screen your dates properly before you meet them in person. Forget the coffee date. If you are going to get dressed at all, make it worthwhile. Ask your date key questions before you decide to meet. Speak on the phone before you agree to meet in person, anyone interested in a real relationship will invest the time. The goal is to find someone collaborative. If you don’t ask for the investment upfront, you might get stuck with someone who is only interested in a hook up after all.

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