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100 Reasons to Date Someone Like You

100 Reasons to Date Someone Like You

You’re wonderful. I know we’ve never met so my saying that might not have much weight but you’re wonderful, aren’t you?

Many singles are eager to believe they make great partners, have what others find desirable and bring more to the table than the potential dates they meet.

The real question is would you date you? Can you afford you? Are you attracted to you? Do you find time with yourself enjoyable?  Are you honest? If you cheated on your last partner would you date you knowing that you are cheater?

I started this post saying how wonderful you were but now you’re not so sure. But let’s say that you are wonderful still. Do you act worthy of the person that you want to date or are you putting up with far more shit than you ever thought you’d take.

Are you acting like the prize you are or are you falling into the trap of trying to win people’s affections.

I have the bad habit of trying to be the kind of woman who men feel “deserves” the treatment that I want.

The problem is, if someone isn’t treating you right it isn’t because you don’t deserve to be treated right, that’s just the way they treat you. They’ve always treated you that way and for whatever reason you’ve stuck around.

We all fall into the trap of feeling good about ourselves until the person we like doesn’t like us or treats us like a 5 when we’re clearly an 8. We start to question and doubt ourselves.

I mean we were worth flowers we would get flowers everyday right? Sometimes you just have to find the guy that likes to buy flowers. But maybe you are that guy who buys flowers. Then you’re winning. You appeal to a large demographic of women who LOVE flowers.

What makes you worth dating? I’m sure you’re clear about what you’re looking for in someone else but what will someone find in you? What makes you so special, no literally?

My challenge to you is to make a list of 100 traits that are fantastic about yourself. If you can’t come up with a hundred, think a little harder or rethink who you’re trying to date.

Not only do I want you to name 100 qualities that you possess, that would attract potential dates, I want you to rate them by what you look for in others. It’s easy to want to find what we don’t possess but how important is that characteristic?

Look, I think you’re wonderful but why don’t you prove it.


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